Japan’s TPP is in charge of meeting with US trade representatives. Negotiations have not progressed.

China News Service, February 16th According to a report by Japan’s Kyodo News, the Japan Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which is being visited by the United States, was held on the 15th with US Trade Representative Froman for about two and a half hours. The talks, but the negotiations did not see progress.

There are still differences on the tariff issues of the five sensitive agricultural products, and no progress has been made in the negotiations. The stagnation of the Japan-US talks may lead to a difficult negotiation goal at the ministerial negotiating meeting that opened in Singapore on the 22nd.

The two people issued a joint statement after the talks, saying that the issue of canceling the tariffs on Japanese agricultural products was “unanimously considered to be important to narrow the differences between the two countries.” The two sides stressed that the issue of the Japanese auto market, which the US is very concerned about, emphasizes that “there is still a positional disagreement”.

Ganli pointed out at the press conference after the talks, “Although the two sides agreed to seek narrowing (differences) before the Singapore Negotiation Conference, they did not confirm the specific issues. “Froman stressed in the statement that “through the negotiations with Japan in the automotive and agricultural fields, it is still the primary issue.” ”

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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