Japanese player Asada Mao’s flower slip short program fell.

The Japanese player Asada is in the 16th place in the short-selling program.

Japanese player Asada.

The picture shows the shallow field of dejected after the short program. On the right is coach Sato Shino.

China News Service February 20th According to the Kyodo News Agency, on the 19th, in the figure skating women’s single short program (SP) competition, the last Vancouver Winter Olympics silver medal winner, Japanese player Asada Mao There were major mistakes such as falling over three and a half weeks, and only ranked 55th in the short program with 55.51 points.

On the 19th, Sochi entered the 13th day of the race. In the figure skating women’s singles short program (SP) competition, the Korean star, Kim Jong-il, who ranked first in the Winter Olympics, scored 74.92 points. 55.51 points, the gap between the two scores reached 19.41 points, Asada’s dream of winning gold can be said to be hopeless.

Suzuki Akiko scored 60.97 points, ranking eighth in the short program. Murakami Kaori is ranked 15th with 55.60 points. It is more difficult for the Japanese women’s legion, which is regarded as the strongest lineup, to win the game.

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