Japanese media: President NHK or does not think that his comfort woman spoke seriously

Chinanews.com, February 23, according to Kyodo News, on January 25 at the press conference, it was said that the issue of women’s comfort women was “what country has ever had” NHK President Yuki Satoshi this month 12 On the management committee, he insisted on saying: “I hope everyone can read all the records of the press conference.” Am I seriously dying? & rdquo;

Sakai resigned his speech shortly after he took up the press conference and said, “This is a personal opinion. Adding trouble to the audience and the parties, but his statement on the management committee can also be seen as an affirmation of his own speech, which will inevitably lead to more criticism from Congress and the audience.

According to relevant sources, at the meeting of the management committee on the 12th, a member asked how Sakai would respond to the issue of comfort women. While apologizing, Sakai also said that “the report is far from the true intention of my speech”, asking for a complete reading of the journalist’s speech, and then pointing out “Do you still feel that I am seriously guilty?” ”

After the end of the press conference at the end of Sakai, more than 10,000 people wrote to NHK to criticize. At the management committee meeting on the 12th, Sakai was asked how to respond to the audience’s refusal to pay the viewing fee and replied that it would be compensated by hard work. He also said: “In fact, I really don’t know how to deal with it. ”

A member of the management committee said in an interview that Sakai said on the committee, “He may not feel that he was not speaking at the press conference.” ”

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

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