Japanese junior boys’ confession: Thanks for being polite after being refused, turned and secretly shed tears

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] On November 10th, the video of a first-time boy’s confession on the Japanese variety show fired again on social networks.

The video originated from a variety show broadcasted in Japan in 2017 with the theme “Love Summer & mdash;— Roof Whitening Conference”.

In the video, a first-time boy named Kimura Hiroshi stood on the rooftop and confessed to the girl in front of the classmates. Shouting: “I have a super super favorite girl, four shifts a year, Sakuma Yulin!”

Because he likes her too much, so he screams with all his strength Out of counts "like you! Like you!”

Take a look at the little boy’s high-energy confession process:

But the girl still said “sorry”.

Finally, the boys are strong enough to maintain their smiles, but they can’t control the tears …

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