Japan intends to export weapons and equipment to Korea to make a breakthrough in borrowing

China News Service, February 13th According to the report of the New Overseas Chinese News Network, the Japanese government plans to further relax restrictions on arms exports and export weapons to international agencies such as the United Nations. According to the analysis, the Abe government, which has been trying to break through the “three principles of arms exports”, has now entered the stage of formulating new management principles for arms exports.

According to reports, the Japanese ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party’s security assurance project team discussed that they would relax arms export restrictions and allow the export of weapons to international agencies such as the United Nations. The Japanese government is expected to pass this resolution at the March cabinet meeting.

The current Japanese principle states that it is not allowed to export weapons to international agencies such as the United Nations. However, in December 2013, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary said that the ammunition of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces was transmitted to the South Korean army through the United Nations South Sudan Disarmament Corp.. If the Japanese government relaxes the arms export restrictions, the above actions will not be considered a violation of the principle in the future.

Reported that in 1967, Japan promulgated the implementation of the “three principles of arms exports”, prohibiting countries that have imposed arms embargoes on certain countries and UN resolutions, and parties to international conflicts may have conflicts. Dangerous countries export weapons. In 1976, the Cabinet of Miki Wufu added the above principles, and in fact completely banned Japan’s arms exports. In 2011, Noda’s cabinet relaxed restrictions, allowing for the export of weapons for peaceful and humanitarian purposes, while allowing Japan to cooperate with other countries in the development of weapons.

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