Italian man was bought without a ticket and was driven off the car.

China News Service, November 18, according to the European Union News Agency, a man in Turin, Italy, was rushing out of the car when he was on a bus, because he had no money to buy a ticket and quarreled with the ticket attendants. . The man was very upset about the government’s ban on the use of public transport by the innocent people. When they were late at night, they sneaked into the bus station and set fire to seven buses. The police were arrested after the incident.

According to reports, on the day of the incident, an Italian man from Turin traveled by bus and was found by the flight attendants. The man bluntly said that he had no money to buy the ticket, and then had a fierce quarrel with the crew, and was finally escorted by the crew and the driver.

In the early morning of November 15th, local time, the Italian man who was rushed off the bus was very annoyed that he was driven off the bus. In order to protest against the government’s refusal to let the poor ride the car, he retaliated against the bus attendants for him. “Ritual”, portable flammable liquid sneaked into the Cirie bus station in Turin, and set fire to seven bus cars, then fled the crime scene.

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