It is estimated that after 10 years, 40% of UK building materials companies will fail due to shortage of skilled workers.

According to the British Building Materials Alliance Committee UCATT, the UK is facing the shortage of the largest number of technicians, which will continue to plague the UK building materials industry in the next 30 years. According to analysis, the number of skilled workers in the UK can only meet the demand of short-term five years. This social situation will plague the development of the British economy.

Data from UCATT shows that in 2014, the number of British building materials graduates was 8030, and the actual annual demand should be 45,000. Another data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS shows that by 2019, more than 27,000 building materials projects in the UK are expected to be affected. More than 4/5 of the respondents said that it is difficult for them to recruit suitable technicians, and two-fifth of the building materials companies were affected by personnel problems and went bankrupt.

Norton Sanitary Ware, a British sanitary ware dealer, held a meeting in October last year, calling on the British community to pay attention to talent issues and encourage more educated locals to enroll in relevant majors and gain more The opportunity to work. Norton Mennell, CEO of Norton Sanitary Ware, said that since last year, it has been obvious that the shortage of technicians is an urgent problem.

Graham Ball, CEO of the British Kitchen and Bath Association KBSA, said that he has received relevant reports: “The building materials kitchen and bathroom industry is not only a shortage of skilled workers, but also a good designer. Ask, he said, we should reposition the kitchen and toilet industry, see it as a new fashion, and pass this information to the education sector, so that many young people understand that this is a good career development direction. There are good employment opportunities for them.

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