Is the Chu Chu push really reliable? What do social e-commerce?

Since 2009, the Chinese Internet giant Ali has created a “Double Eleven Shopping Festival” that has become the focus of public attention. Especially in the past two years, “Double Eleven has not only become a shopping carnival for Chinese people, but also has entered the world! It not only enriches the form of consumer shopping, but also brings a huge amount of circulation to the world. Ecological change.

However, behind the prosperity of traditional e-commerce, people rarely see the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. Many e-commerce practitioners have expressed their feelings that it is easy to go offline. Among them, the increasing scarcity of online traffic, the substantial increase in customer acquisition costs, and the huge funding bottleneck faced by online and offline integration are threatening the transformation of traditional e-commerce!

Social e-commerce, which has the core advantages of customer stickiness and customer acquisition, has developed rapidly in recent years and has become the main direction of traditional e-commerce transformation and upgrading. One. Compared with traditional e-commerce, social e-commerce pays more attention to content, users, stickiness and services. In the social marketing scenario, content is becoming a powerful tool for acquiring and identifying users. This way of obtaining users by means of content dissemination is especially suitable for accurate recommendation marketing, which is in line with the consumption habits of Chinese consumers at this stage, and will become the future e-commerce field. The blue ocean market, and further enhance the service capabilities through socialization, promote the optimization and upgrading of e-commerce from product to service. This structural change is expected to create opportunities for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies to bend and overtake, and it will certainly affect the pattern of large-scale e-commerce platforms.

On December 5th of this year, an app called “Chuchu Push” entered the public’s sight! As a social e-commerce app, Chu Chu pushed before the launch, it received a lot of people. Attention. One hour after the launch of the day, it broke the registration amount of 10,000, and broke through 30,000 in two hours. Only 100,000 people registered in the evening!

Chu Chutui is the global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship platform. It relies on the old-fashioned e-commerce Chu Chu Street, and maximizes the social power. It is the best-performing and best-selling business model in social e-commerce. It is different from traditional e-commerce and offline supermarkets, cutting off agents and intermediate links at all levels, saving advertising fees, logistics costs, personnel costs, etc., and conveying quality goods to consumers through community word of mouth. And its ultra-low threshold, high income, so that everyone can play their own specialties in a piecemeal time, guide others to rational consumption, and earn commissions, improve personal income, personal quality of life, and realize their dreams.

Recently, at the China Finance Summit in 2017, Chu Chu was even more seized by the “Influential Enterprise of 2017”, and its CEO Ren Yutong was awarded “Times of Change & Mdash;— Annual Influence character.

The trend of social e-commerce has been unstoppable. I believe that this e-commerce dark horse is bound to subvert traditional e-commerce.

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