Into the Four Seasons Muge: Looking for the innovative password of the solar giant

From an obscure solar enterprise to a multi-billion-dollar industry giant, becoming the most influential brand of solar energy in China;

Standing at the peak of the industry, breaking through the industrial boundaries and exploring the path of diversification, To achieve full bloom of solar energy products, water purification products, kitchen appliances and hardware sanitary wares, to achieve brand extension and corporate expansion.

In the past 17 years, the four seasons of Mu Ge have been sung all the way, what is the secret of their success?

On October 14, 2017, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine and the business media group jointly Initiated “Into the Lianyungang elite business visits, led 40 SMEs into the four seasons Mu Ge, explore the secret of the rise of solar giants.

Regaining a brilliant road

13:30, entrepreneurs come to the four seasons Visit the Song Brand Culture Zone.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Four Seasons Muge has continued to innovate in technology, relying on technical support from Peking University New Energy Center and China Aerospace, and launched a series of products such as Feitian, Binghuo and Smart King Kong, which have rapidly grown into domestic solar energy. A strong brand of water heaters, and successfully listed in A-shares in 2012, became the first solar thermal company in China, achieving the leadership of capital, industry and responsibility.

In 2013, the company based on “upgrading and transforming strategy, focusing on consumer demand, based on light and heat business, and extending brand and development of clean water and kitchen electricity around “sun, air and water” Diversified paths such as hardware and hardware, to achieve industrial diversification, brand internationalization and enterprise network upgrade.

Entrepreneurs are serious about the products of the four seasons of Muge Solar, water purifiers and kitchen appliances, and the process of related technology changes, looking at the convenience of the atmosphere, easy to operate products, visiting entrepreneurs It’s amazing.

Then Entrepreneurs came to the Four Seasons Muge Hot Water Factory, the Water Purification Factory and the Staff Fitness Center.

“Details determine success or failure, ideas determine the way out, “ attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection, such as the production of slogans on the red background can be seen everywhere, always alert employees to create quality, workshop workers skilled, all kinds of semi-finished products In the employee fitness center, entrepreneurs visited the basketball court, badminton court, yoga studio, heated swimming pool and fitness equipment hall, etc., and deeply felt the desire of the four seasons to make people’s life and create a better life for employees. .

New opportunities in history

After the visit, entrepreneurs came to the Four Seasons Muge Conference Room, Li Wenping, Director of Four Seasons Muge Brand Center, and Zhang Liangliang, Head of Four Seasons Muge Engineering Technology Company The theme is shared.

Li Wenping, Director of Four Seasons Muge Brand Center

Zhang Liangliang, Head of Four Seasons Muge Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Wenping summarized the development history, corporate culture, product advantages, brand advantages and production of the Four Seasons Muge. Advantages and many other aspects. He said that after 17 years of rapid development, the four seasons of Muge has not been confined to a single solar water heater industry, and development can become a large platform with hot water as the core.

He further elaborated that while the Four Seasons Muge is doing the basic business of “sunshine, air and water”, it also needs to invest in different types and modes to create new external opportunities. The main business forms an interaction and integration.

With the changes in the marketing environment and the mainstream consumer population, the Four Seasons Muge began to look at the variety shows of young fans, such as “Run, Brother”, “Good Voice of China” and “12 Dao Fengwei, etc., to achieve the brand’s youthful creation.

In the past, due to the immature technology, when the city’s real estate was hot and the land was expensive, it was necessary to build high-rise buildings and solar energy. The water heater could not be installed at all, and the retail business had to sink from the city to the rural market. However, with the continuous innovation of technology and the deepening of the green ecological concept, solar water heaters have “returned to the city” and the engineering market has risen rapidly.

Zhang Liangliang said that the former solar energy engineering department had less than 5% of the group’s revenue, and now the revenue share has climbed to about 40%, and the annual growth rate is 50%, which is the fastest increment of the group. s project. At present, Four Seasons Muge has cooperated with many well-known real estate companies such as Shimao and Longhu.

Group English Development

In the interactive communication session, entrepreneurs enthusiastically asked questions about the automation of solar energy, the investment projects of the Four Seasons Muge, and the branding of the Four Seasons Muge. The problem is warm and friendly. Entrepreneurs have expressed great gains in the exploration tour of the four seasons of Mu Ge.

During the entire visit, Zhou Shiji of Zhonglu Think Tank was very excited. As an early solar energy distributor, Zhou Shiji has a deep understanding of solar water heaters and has a deep friendship with the four seasons. This time, as the Yancheng entrepreneur and the secretary general of the Yancheng Youth Chamber of Commerce, he returned to his old club with a large army, recalling the bit of that year.

Zhang Kaiming from Yancheng Helong Wine Industry said that after visiting the four seasons, he deeply felt the technological innovation and brand building ability, and said that entrepreneurs should not stick to the old industry and should follow the consumption.The needs of the person seek multiple possibilities. In the future, we must go into the enterprise and learn advanced concepts and culture.

Wang Xin, a partner of Shanghai New Gaoying Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Branch of the business community, also expressed his views. He hopes that the four seasons will focus on the smart home sector and shape the brand power of domestic brands. Solve the real needs of the people and be a company with a strong sense of responsibility.

Under the warm sharing atmosphere, the entrepreneurs ended the four-season song tour, and also entered the last link of the visit —— centennial Luzhou old age wine & ldquo; elite sharing Dinner. The representatives of the Business Media Group, the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine and the Four Seasons Muge jointly toasted, and the company’s performance of visiting entrepreneurs has developed rapidly and has reached a new level.

&ldquo Look at the business benchmarks, and get drunk. As the entrepreneurs push their hands, the event is coming to an end.

Business Media, as China’s first interactive platform for wisdom and resources, boosts China’s economic development; and centuries-old Luzhou Laojiao wine is highly regarded by elite business for its fashion temperament and the focus of elite business wine. The crowd loves and becomes the first brand of Chinese elite business wine. The two have joined forces to help the elite grow and contribute to China’s economic development.

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