Insight into the lifestyle | What do they think of “full security customization”?

April 17th, an “insight lifestyle” The “Floor of Humanity” theme-based fully renovated residential innovation forum kicked off in Shanghai. The event, hosted by the China Building Decoration Association’s Residential Products Industry Branch, has attracted attention from well-known real estate companies, top domestic long-term rental apartment companies, residential sector leading enterprises, residential lifestyle research institutions and authoritative experts. The issue of full-service customization and prefabricated housing mentioned in the conference has aroused the attention and attention of the sanitary industry.

The concept of “customization” from appearance to popularity, let the bathroom companies see new possibilities It has the characteristics of unity, coordination and high space utilization, attracting the attention of consumers and becoming a major outlet for the industry. Who can win the rivers and lakes? During the event, conducted a live interview with the participating companies.

Hu Yanan, Secretary General of the China National Association of Housing Industry Branch, spoke at the meeting

Mengyi| Actively cut into the custom bathroom market

Meng Yi, General Manager of Wrigley’s Large Customer Division

Wrigley began to produce custom cabinets in 2008, and entered the custom wardrobe in 2009, 2016 In the year of the opening of the Quanwei custom road, in 2017 opened 100 custom bathroom stores, now has nearly 200 outlets. With the surge of the whole house customization trend, Wrigley saw the trend of custom bathroom, drawing on the experience of custom cabinet wardrobe production, quickly integrating R&D, production, design and other resources, and cutting into the custom bathroom market.

When officially put on the market, Wrigley custom bathroom space It has been highly praised by real estate developers and consumers, which gives us confidence in the development of customized sanitary ware. In addition, Wrigley also cooperates with developers and designers to continuously improve the function of custom bathroom space, increase the functions of laundry, makeup and storage in the bathroom, and improve the space utilization of the bathroom in multiple dimensions.

Customized bathroom for production equipment, The requirements for process, design, software system opening and installation are high, which is also the difficulty of customization.

for prefabricated homes Wrigley is willing to participate in production and construction, but there are still difficulties in the landing of prefabricated houses, such as simple functions and acceptance of real estate developers. Wrigley Sanitary Ware will closely monitor the growth of the market and actively develop corresponding products to meet the needs of the assembly market.

He Zhiyuan| The essence of customization is humanization

Heng Jie Sanitary Ware Brand Director He Zhiyuan

Although Hengjie Sanitary Ware has not clearly put forward the concept of “full-service customization”, some products of Hengjie Sanitary Ware have already had quite Customization ability to meet the personalized needs of a new generation of consumers.

In terms of bathroom cabinets, Hengjie Sanitary Ware has been able to realize the custom production of color, material and size. For example, Hengjie “family” Variety series bathroom cabinets can be customized not only in color, material and size. Even the main cabinet, mirror cabinet, side cabinet can Now freely combined and matched, let consumers experience the fun of personality matching;

In terms of toilets, Hengjie Sanitary Ware also develops corresponding products. For example, “Maiqu” series of water-saving toilets, including ceramic toilets and water tanks of various shapes, can meet the differences of different consumers. Demand for the shower; Hengjie has a mature non-standard customization system.

The essence of customization is to gain insight into consumer demand and make the product more human. Hengjie Sanitary Ware always regards the user experience as the core part of design and development, and deeply understands the potential needs of users, thus bringing users more comfortable, healthier and more human products. Therefore, the research and development of each product of Hengjie Sanitary Ware has undergone a lot of research, from the user’s daily life style, daily behavior, to the use of scenes, usage habits, to the user’s age level, family members, there are rigorous and meticulous investigation reports.

Zeng Xiaoling|Foundation Research College, read consumers


Golden Bathroom General Manager Zeng Xiaoling


In recent years, Quanwei custom has become another hot spot in the industry The gold medal is not far behind, and gradually joins the “custom” ranks.

Zeng Xiaoling said, full-service customization, Everything is tailor-made, and now consumers pay more attention to comfort and humanity, which coincides with the brand concept of “golden brand and more love for home”. The extension of comfort is functional. Today’s products need to be considered from the elderly, children, pregnant women and other people. Tailor-made products are actually done according to human needs. For example, the mirror of the bathroom cabinet can also take into account the storage function, electronic function Feng Shui, etc.It is also necessary to consider the storage function of small objects such as chargers. Customization is actually inter-connected. For example, smart products also need to consider regional factors. Smart toilets such as flip cover, induction, and pedal are all from the perspective of humanization. From the perspective of the person, truly meet their needs, so as to maximize the customization.

Now, the growth of the custom-made gold plate is Amazingly, it is the pain point of the market and the pain points of consumers. It reflects the humanized demand from the details and functions, thus continuously occupying a higher market share. Beginning in 2017, Gold and Jinan University established the Consumer Research Institute. They really talked from the data, from the consumer life, work habits, local customs and field visits, based on scientific and reasonable data, the development of products, Bring the product closer to the user’s needs.

as very forward-looking The company, Jinpai Sanitary Co., Ltd. cooperated with the 3D home three years ago. With the software support of the front-end, the enterprise customization has more advantages in the front and rear. Standing on the shoulders of giants, the gold medal will be firmer on the road of customization.

Zhu Jianhong| Enter hardcover field

Zhu Jianhong, deputy general manager of Youda (China) Co., Ltd.

Customized bathroom and fabricated residences are industries A major mainstream, fine decoration and industrialization of finished products will make the parts more convenient and comfortable to be integrated into the assembly and finished products. Therefore, companies need to find the right entry point, and take advantage of it. that is, they have to consider not only the functional problems of the products, but also the close integration with the new model. And Hecheng Bronze has been paying attention to new trends in hardcover and finished products.

Zhu Jianhong revealed that in terms of fine decoration, and Cheng Bronze has always been a pioneer, and has taken the lead in cooperating with Vanke and Poly, and has achieved a good brand reputation. Among them, Vanke will also license its own brand to Hecheng, which is the certification of the quality and the recognition of its unique user experience. In the past five years, we have become a customized product of the housing industry, and have won the recognition and trust of developers. We have stood out from the international brands and made a strong voice for Chinese manufacturing.

Lin Xuezhou|First Make Big Single product and then fully customized

Lin Whale Sanitary Ware Brand Director Lin Xuezhou

Wave Whale Sanitary Ware 25 years, 2018 The annual whale sanitary ware will also keep up with the trend of fine decoration and finished product industrialization in the real estate industry, and carry out related product research and development. In terms of products, Whale Sanitary Ware will take the “big single product” strategy and develop products that meet the diverse needs of consumers.

In 2018, Whale Sanitary Ware will launch new sanitary products that meet the custom trend; in addition, in the second half, heavy Pound launches a smart toilet with a sense of design, sexy, experience and interaction to meet the needs of individual consumers. In the terminal market, Whale Bathroom will strengthen the national designer reserve team and introduce 3D design. The system provides consumers with a personalized whole bathroom space solution to create a personalized bathroom for consumers.

Lin Xuezhou pointed out that in the future, Whale Sanitary will work hard towards the full-service customization, providing customized and customized solutions for end consumers, especially On the bathroom cabinet with advantages, it will increase production equipment investment, strengthen quality control and create strong star products.

Talk about assembly At the time of the product, Lin Xuezhou believes that this is the future trend. Its simple modularization, integration and industrial production reduce environmental pollution and improve construction efficiency. This model is in line with the national development strategy. The Whale bathroom will follow the country. Strategic planning, increase independent innovation, promote product technology advancement with actual innovation actions, and bring more comfortable bathroom experience and healthy enjoyment to consumers with brand strength and product quality.

Chen Jianchao|Customized+Intelligent >

Aussie Sanitary Ware Brand Director Chen Jianchao

Aussie Sanitary CHAN believes that consumer demand is growing In order to meet consumer needs renovation, Osman bathroom to make changes in customization and intelligence, from product mix, size and color with three aspects to be customized . Not only that, but also a professional design team to design the floor plan according to the needs of consumers, consumers can see the actual style of the bathroom space they want before using the product. Due to the early development of customization, there are already mature technologies, and with the cooperation of software systems, we will continue to make full-fledged customization.

To cater to the intelligent trend, Aussman In addition to the conventional drying and lighting functions, the bathroom has also made great breakthroughs in core technologies, such as spiral washing. In terms of traditional products, in order to meet the needs of consumers, Osman has also been changing. Due to the large temperature difference in the north, in order to prevent the cracking of the toilet, Aussman has introduced a one-piece toilet very early. Now it is the fourth generation of seamless all-inclusive smart toilets. The all-inclusive toilet is not only beautiful, but also easy for consumers to clean and hygienic.

Zhang Kaifei|Assembled residences are promising

Zhang Kaifei, General Manager of One Day House Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition to the custom-made custom, the prefabricated house is also a major development trend in the sanitary industry, and one-day house is the solution solution for the assembly house. The house is built-in to improve the independence and better quality of human settlements.

First, there are fewer wet jobs in assembly, more need to be prefabricated in the factory, assembled on site, changing the form and processing technology of materials, reducing material waste and decoration cycle, environmental pollution At the same time, the assembled products are easier to replace and repair, especially the secondary decoration, without destroying the wall structure and improving the quality of the residents.

Second, the assembly type enhances the residential function. The assembly type can release more functions and provide a good foundation for the release of residential space. Platform. Especially after the introduction of smart home, the assembly will pass the wisdom Structured technology platform to solve problems, speed up the process of quality living, and make the house more comfortable.

Assembly is currently mainly used in the home improvement market and the engineering end of the hardcover market. Hardcover developers have a higher level of enthusiasm for fabricated products because of the assembly The product quality is relatively stable, allowing users to better realize the quality of human habitation. Compared with the C-end, the assembled product can provide consumers with systematic, personalized and integrated solutions in the shortest time to satisfy consumers. Personalized needs and quality requirements. At the same time, the assembled products can also provide added value, such as quick and quiet implementation of home partial modification, easy maintenance, etc.

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