Inside the inner window, it is popular

In the past, people’s demand for doors and windows was limited to light transmission and ventilation. With the improvement of people’s pursuit of quality of life, doors and windows no longer have to be used for light and ventilation, but also have powerful functions such as heat preservation and sound insulation. The so-called inner opening inner window is a window that can be opened to the interior, and can also be inverted inward. The lower part of the window does not move and is tilted from the upper to the indoor. So, what are the functional advantages of the inner opening of the inverted window compared to the ordinary door and window? Let’s take a look at it~
Do you know the advantages of these inner opening windows?

1.Optimized ventilation

Because the inner opening is flat Another way to open the window is to make the room naturally circulate with the natural air, and the indoor air is fresh, and the possibility of rain entering the room is eliminated. The fresh air undoubtedly creates a comfortable living environment for people.

2.Improve safety

The linkage hardware and handles arranged around the window sash are located indoors. When closed, the sash is fixed on the window frame, so the safety and The anti-theft performance is excellent.

3.Dust and rainproof

When the window is inverted, the airflow into the room will first be blocked by the glass, and the heavier dust particles in the air will not be ” A sharp turn, naturally blocked out. When the breeze is light and rainy, the raindrops can only splash on the glass and will not splash into the room.

4.Easy to clean

Simple operation, the outside of the sash can be turned indoors, making the outer surface of the cleaning window convenient and safe. The inner opening inner window has multiple lock points to seal, which can greatly enhance the sealing of the window. After the sealing is enhanced, its heat preservation and sound insulation will also be improved. When the interior is inverted, it does not occupy the indoor space, the curtains can be opened and closed freely, and the lifting hangers will not conflict with the window sash. When hanging up, children can play freely, and adults can safely clean the room without worrying that the corner of the window will hit the child’s head or body. The installation of qualified internal opening inner window is not only easy to use, but also durable. It not only eliminates all the defects of unsmooth, inconvenient, uncomfortable and uneconomical of the casement window, but also prevents window deformation, improves the airtightness and prolongs the service life of the window. .
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