Indonesia does not consider nuclear power officials for a while to vigorously develop hydropower

Zhongguo Xinsha News Agency, Jakarta, February 10 (Reporter Gu Shihong) Indonesia has abundant water resources, but the development rate is extremely low. Indonesian officials have called for vigorous development of hydropower generation, which not only eases the pressure on fuel subsidies, but also saves energy and protects the environment. Congress also passed the national energy policy a few days ago, and will not consider nuclear power for the time being.

Indonesian National Development Planning Assistant Dedi said that Indonesia has abundant hydropower resources and hydropower potential is as high as 75 million kilowatts. The total number of hydroelectric assembly machines currently under development is only about 4 million kilowatts. The rate is only about 5.7%. In recent years, Indonesia has been facing greater pressure on fuel subsidies. Although the subsidized fuel price was raised in May last year, the annual fuel subsidy was still as high as 210 trillion rupiah (about 17.5 billion US dollars). The development of hydropower has alleviated Indonesia’s current fuel subsidy pressure to a certain extent.

The National Assembly of Indonesia has passed a national energy policy proposed by the government. According to the new national energy policy, Indonesia will use more geothermal energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and biomass energy, and at least until 2050, whether to use nuclear energy.

In recent years, Chinese power companies have increased their investment in hydropower in Indonesia. As early as 2006, Huadian Group participated in the investment and construction of the first phase of Indonesia’s Asahan Hydropower, which was the first large-scale project to be restored after the 1998 economic crisis in Indonesia. In September 2010, the hydropower station was completed. Excellent technology, excellent quality, and good investment and financing channels have made the project highly praised by all sectors of the Indonesian society and have established a good image in the Indonesian market.

China Power Investment Group plans to invest 6 million kilowatts of hydropower station in the Kayang River Basin in North Kalimantan, Indonesia, with a phase of approximately US$2 billion to build a 600,000 kilowatt hydropower station. Gezhouba Group plans to invest in the construction of the Karamay 300,000 KW hydropower station. China Hydropower Construction Group, Gezhouba Group and Huadian Group are tracking the Gattididi hydropower station in Indonesia. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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