Including high, medium and low floors, the business of making money is still afraid of no one doing

For the dealer Mr. Zhao, choosing the agent low-priced floor brand means another spring sale. The choice of floor type depends largely on the dealer. The purpose of the dealer is very simple. To have good sales, make money, and satisfy the preferences of consumers, he will choose to operate the floor that meets his goals. The dealer will never be willing to make a loss.

Encourage the expansion of profitable space in high, medium and low grades

The market for flooring industry is becoming more and more clear. The market welcomes the most complete product categories: from solid wood to strengthening to multi-layer solid wood, various series of marketing, the most systematic price. System: The complete product category has high, medium and low price ranges to maximize consumer demand at different levels of consumption.

In the economic downturn or the downturn, product prices and values ​​occupy a major position in the consumer’s purchase process. In 2009, the mid-range price of laminate flooring products was the most popular among consumers; in 2010, the mid-to-high-end products looked up; in 2011, the high, medium and low-grade flooring brands became the choice of merchants’ compatibility.

Insiders joked that floor manufacturers now need solid wood, solid wood composite, laminate flooring, and product categories as much as possible to expand dealers’ profit margins. It should be noted here that the laminate flooring products that take the high-end route have a lower market share than solid wood flooring.

Floor market stability at the beginning of the new year price increase

Of course, merchants choose low-priced floor brand, more beneficial to pursue cost control and low risk, and the association experts reminded that can not be lower than 70 yuan / square meter, otherwise low There are few markets for low-quality floor products with low quality and low environmental protection.

On the other hand, merchants who choose low-cost floor brands in the agency must pay attention to the fact that ‘low price’ must be closely coordinated with the market, and the marketing method of achieving the goal of ‘expanding influence and attracting attention’ in a short time is coming. The more abandoned the industry, the only way to understand the market, understand the psychology of consumers, and master the status of competitors, in order to achieve sales purposes. The so-called ‘the collection of the hundred family’s long is used by me, so that it is not outdated; diligent thinking, often summed up, no one has me.’

The dealers realized that the flooring industry, with more or less the Chinese manufacturing industry, has not completely escaped from the ‘winter’ intention. Local flooring companies pay more attention to the shortage of resources and labor by cultivating talents and strengthening technological innovation and other ‘excellent strategies’ to lead the national flooring market.

According to media reports, the price of flooring in some large building materials market has shown an upward trend since the beginning of 2011, with a price increase of 5%-10%. Some insiders believe that the price increase of the floor has little impact on consumers due to the rigid demand; in addition, the floor with the building materials to the countryside has undoubtedly spurred the rural consumer market, and also expect high-quality low-cost flooring to patronize farmers. According to the current reality, whether the peasants need to lay the floor to rebuild the new house, how much the price floor can be accepted, whether the floor business can launch the floor that truly benefits the farmers’ high quality and good price, this needs further observation.

Channel sinking network promotion to network sales

Some experts analyzed that the current living conditions of floor dealers, due to the expensive rent in first-tier cities, ‘eight stores in the same brand in the same area’, the situation in first-tier cities is very serious. In the face of fierce competition in the first-tier cities, the second and third-line situation is still not clear enough. The promotion of flooring brands through the network can effectively solve the difficult problem of channel development.

First of all, the channel development investment is the pain of the industry’s ‘cone heart’ in the key markets. The shop is small, the shop is not good, the store is not making money, the dealers are more and more unbearable, such as the experience store is not It must be located in the large-scale home building materials market. As long as the location is convenient, it is not a problem to stabilize the primary market by taking advantage of the combination of online and offline.

Secondly, the problem of channel sinking can also be solved through the network. You can use the network to develop dealers. As long as there are orders, the business that makes money will be done by others. If you make profit distribution, you will not be afraid of no partners. In time, online marketing may become the main sales channel for the industry, and manufacturers should look beyond the longer term.

Release date: 2011/12/6 11:16:13

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