If you are hot, you will love this kind of home.

In the midsummer, let’s take the warm and heavy carpet in the winter, move the green plants out, and pick up a comfortable weekend to clean up the house. In the coolest way to face the summer irritability.

In summer, the daytime is generally long and sunny. If the indoor lighting is too bright, especially some families choose warm light, summer will Make people feel hot and irritated indoors. The localized table lamp and floor lamp can be used to replace the warm light with low wattage cold light, ensuring the necessary reading brightness, soft whitening The light can bring a cool feeling to the summer.


In summer, you should choose furniture. Glass and metal furniture is also a good choice, with a strong texture of metal furniture and stone furniture that feels cool in the summer. At the same time, the vines, bamboo, wood and glass, which are simple in shape and cold in color, are decorated with furniture such as rattan products and bamboo products. They also have the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer, and they can absorb heat. Not only does it feel cool on the visual touch, it also absorbs some of the heat in the room to help cool down.

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