How to wax the marble floor?

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(1) Place the waxing sign on the job site first.

(2) Lift the base and set the black fiber mat.

(3) Fit the wax water into the refrigerator of the multi-purpose washing machine.

(4) Control the machine, pull the water tank control rod, and evenly spray the wax on the ground.

(5) Control the machine direction, from left to right, walk back and forth 2~3

(6) Up and down the overlap of about 10CM2.

(7) After 5 minutes, use a water absorbing machine to dry the wax and old wax stains.

(8) Use a wet mop twice and then drag it with a mop.

(9) After the ground is dry, seal the wax.

(10) The waxed mop is soaked in wax water.

(11) Place the mop on the water pressure clamp and dry it evenly, then apply the wax water evenly on the ground.

(12) The layer is separated from the layer by about 30MΙN (according to the dryness of the hand).

(13) After about 3 days, the last layer of wax is dried and polished with a high speed polishing machine.

(14) Marble floor Once every two months.

Nowadays, marble flooring has become a must-have material for many homes, and natural stone is favored by consumers with its beautiful appearance. In daily life, the correct cleaning care can be Make the marble floor more beautiful and beautiful. The above is a detailed step for the operation steps, I hope to help you.

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