How to protect the solid wood cabinet?

When buying cabinets, everyone prefers solid wood cabinets because solid wood cabinets are durable and of a higher grade. However, in daily use, some consumers will encounter the situation of solid wood cabinets, so I would like to ask how to protect the solid wood cabinets.

   solid wood cabinet peeling – four items to prevent peeling

  1, coffee grounds, and It has the dual effect of moisture absorption and deodorization. It is a small dehumidification bag that is convenient and easy to use in gauze bags, stockings or cotton socks. And coffee is absolutely natural and harmless for us to drink everyday, and it is quite environmentally friendly. It.

  2, washing powder, washing powder is also a good dehumidifier. Open a new boxed detergent (or pour the old one into the dehumidification box), poke a few holes in the plastic film and place it in any corner where dehumidification is required. Washing powder can also be taken to clean clothes after being soaked in water. It is not wasted.

  3, candles, if you think the room is too humid, candles can also reduce the humidity of the room air, so that the water vapor can not condense, thereby reducing indoor humidity. In addition, if there is a musty smell in the home, you can use aromatherapy candles containing natural plant fragrance oils, which can dry the air and remove the musty smell in the room.

  4, charcoal, bamboo charcoal, charcoal, bamboo charcoal surface voids can absorb water vapor, both deodorizing effect, suitable for small area dehumidification. It can be dried and reused without harming the environment. Among them, the charcoal is a very easy-to-use moisture-proof product, which absorbs the odor through its porous characteristics and releases negative ions to improve the moisture and mildew of all kinds of closets.

Solid wood cabinets peeling – four small tricks to prevent peeling

   1, ventilation method. Not only because of moisture, but also for indoor health, ventilation is required. On rainy and cloudy days, the doors and windows facing the south or southeast direction, that is, the upward direction should be closed, and only the doors and windows in the downwind direction should be opened to reduce the entry of water vapor into the room. When the weather turns fine, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water. However, the air humidity outside the noon is at the highest value. It is not advisable to open the window. The window should be adjusted in the afternoon or evening when the climate is relatively dry. If you can open the drawers and cabinet doors of the cabinet, the effect is better.

  2, lime moisture absorption method. Lime is a good and simple adsorbent, and 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. You can wrap the lime in cloth or sack and place it indoors to keep the indoor air dry. You can also put a little in the corner of the cabinet.

  3, indoor heating method. Burn a pot of charcoal fire or put it on the stove in the damp chamber to increase the temperature inside the room so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity. However, this method must pay attention to timely ventilation to ensure safety, Ma Daha is not recommended.

  4, dehumidifier, air conditioning dehumidification method. Appropriate addition of these dehumidifying electrical equipment can not only reduce the humidity in the room, but also ensure the dryness of solid wood cabinets and other wooden furniture.
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