How to prevent moisture from bamboo charcoal on wooden floors?

Wood flooring has excellent decorative effect and performance, but the environmental requirements are very high during use. Because wooden flooring is more susceptible to moisture, it is very troublesome to handle it during use. And mildew will occur when it is wet, it will completely damage the wooden floor, but the use of bamboo charcoal can play a good moisture-proof effect.

1, using bamboo charcoal moisture, can keep the wooden floor in a good humidity environment. Due to the dual action of moisture absorption and moisturization of bamboo charcoal (two-way humidity control), the floor will not be cracked in the long-term use in winter, and the mold will not be too humid and mildew when the floor has moisture; this effect is more remarkable in the rainy season.

2, bamboo charcoal can be used to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, mold, mites, mites, termites, the floor after laying bamboo charcoal can be protected from termites and other aphids for a long time.

3, can improve the overall environment of the room, adjust the indoor humidity, and release negative oxygen ions.

4, can directly absorb the toxic residual gas after the floor decoration.

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