How to match dark floor?

1, dark wood flooring is more suitable for large-area use, does not make people feel dull; and small space is not suitable for the use of dark wood flooring, will give people a feeling of depression, can be used under the guidance of professional designers.

2, dark wood flooring is suitable for creating a classic style, so retro-style furniture is a good partner. But dark wood flooring is not only suitable for retro style, but people who like Chinese furniture should also choose dark wood flooring.

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3, dark wood flooring can not be long Sun exposure, so pay attention to proper sunshade, otherwise the wood floor will fade, the original content will be lost, and the whole home will be eclipsed.

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4, dark wood flooring use The skin care products are very important. Different floor waxes will also have color difference, so it is best to choose colorless multi-purpose floor wax.

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In addition, whether the interior is suitable for dark wood flooring has to be matched according to the decoration style and main color of the whole home. If the owner does not understand the collocation knowledge, Can consult a professional partner.

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