How to install manual blinds 2018 which brand of blinds is good

Doors and windows are an important part of the entire living room, it can Ensure the circulation of indoor air. However, in order to shield the strong sunlight and protect the privacy of the room, it is necessary to install curtains for the windows, and the blinds are popular in recent years because they are both ventilated and beautiful. But which brand of blinds is good?Manual blinds How to install it? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1, how to install manual blinds

First, To measure the size and depth of the window. Not only the width and height of the outer frame should be measured, but also the height and width of the inner frame should be measured, so that the manual blinds can be installed more accurately. In addition, the size of the window depth can not be ignored.

Secondly, most people who choose manual blinds will choose to open the way, because the flat-open installation generally does not take up too much space, and it is suitable for large and small windows, single window or two windows can also be used. This installation method.

2, which brand of blinds is good


Since its inception, Yifeng has been around for decades. The company’s focus on the production and promotion of various styles of curtains has been successfully listed in Taiwan. As the world’s largest curtain manufacturing company, Yifeng regards quality and technology as the most important part, providing consumers with the most quality, safe and beautiful products.

b, Glyss

Gliss brand blinds are still well-known in the industry. It is a company specializing in window accessories. Its main products are: wooden blinds, bamboo vertical curtains, ventilation windows, etc. Rich, can meet the different needs of different consumers.


Aishang’s blinds not only look simple, but also have natural beauty, and have high practicality, incorporating the concept of modern home improvement To create a comfortable and comfortable living environment for people, while at the same time preventing ultraviolet radiation to a certain extent.

d, Yunlong

Jilin ForestYunlong Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wooden shutters and ventilation windows. It can customize various specifications and models of blinds according to customers’ needs. Of course, it is also one of the companies with good production quality and great influence in China.

Xiaobian Conclusion: Ok, about manual blindsHow to install and which brand of blinds is good to introduce this, I believe everyone should know how to install and buy blinds. If you can’t make it, then the Xiaobian suggestion is to ask the professional to install it, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.


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