How to deal with the tiles at the floor drain?

How to paste the tiles around the bathroom floor drain?

How to paste the tiles around the bathroom floor drain? Bathroom renovation wants to be done, there are too many details to pay attention to. In addition to the basic problems of waterproofing, ventilation, etc., tile paving also has a large doorway. Everyone knows that a certain slope must be reserved when affixing the floor tiles. Slope over the assembly affects the installation of sanitary wares such as toilets. The slope is too small to function, and the experienced bricklayer masters must grasp the just-increasing slope. In addition to the slope, how to deal with the tiles at the floor drain is also very important, ensuring the beauty while ensuring the smooth flow of water.


Cross-paste method

Set the floor drain to the cross formed by four adjacent tiles At the center of the line, the four corners are aligned with the edge of the tile and extend in the direction of the perimeter. This method is very suitable for square floor drains, relatively beautiful, and the slope is natural.


Dislocation paving method

The floor tiles are laid out in a wrong position, leaving a place for the floor drain to make the floor tile intact and beautiful.


Diagonal cutting method

Select a location suitable for setting the floor drain, place the floor drain in the middle of a tile, and extend it Diagonal cutting, forming a groove with a certain inclination when paving, the floor drain is embedded in the center, so that it is convenient to launch the water, and the position can be better controlled.


Four-edge cutting method

The seemingly complex solution is the most common and most suitable solution. Centering on the floor drain, make a box 6-10 cm above the floor drain, make a diagonal line from this place, and make a slope when tiling.


Edge breaks

If the floor drain is on the edge of the wall, you can use a straight strip of tile at the edge, directly in the middle Leave the location for the floor drain.

The floor drain is a small fitting that is not easy to be valued. Many owners will buy a floor drain after the tile is laid. In fact, this is the wrong procedure.

The shape of the floor drain panel is very different. If you do not buy the floor drain in advance to determine this information, the worker does not know how many holes to reserve in the drain hole when laying the tile. If the reserved hole does not match the size of the floor drain bought later, it will be a very troublesome problem. Therefore, the floor drain and the tiling are basically carried out at the same time.

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