How to become a rich man? The most problematic search for French netizens is this

[Global Network Reporter Wang Zhantao] In the era of network informationization, when encountering various problems, the standard search answer for online search has gradually become the first choice of many people. The strange problems of netizens are sometimes ridiculous. According to the French “European Times” reported on November 20th, Google recently published a list of topics most frequently searched by French netizens. The question ranked first is “How to become a rich person?” & rdquo;

Google held its 20th anniversary exhibition in Paris on November 17th. During the event, Google showed the most frequently searched content by French netizens. The results show that “how to be a rich person” and “how to make money” is the most frequently searched problem for French people.

In addition, “how to talk to women” and “how to kiss” is also among the most frequent questions the French ask Google. At the same time, “how to eliminate belly fat” and “how to have abdominal muscles” are also frequently found in search content. It seems that the French are also paying attention to keeping fit while pursuing romance.

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