How to apply for membership of Xiaomi Tao? Xiaotaotao system mode description

Why can Xiaomi Tao start a new era of consumption and seize the new height of social retail?

Xiaomi Tao is a mobile social retail-oriented, seamlessly integrated online store, offline store and no one Containers form a new scene smart new retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trustworthy and secure endorsement for social retailing, which is enough to break the current prejudice and perception of social new retail. When all merchants are based on the blockchain-based shared trust system, based on credit and trust as a bridge, the platform can be seamlessly cross-bordered to jointly create quality products. When the value of the shopper’s sharing and communication is digitized, each consumer can bring benefits to itself, and naturally generate loyalty to a platform.

The boundaries between the retail industry and offline will become increasingly blurred, and the contradiction of development will no longer be online and offline competition. The essence of the retail industry is to return to “to provide consumers with more efficient, convenient, better quality and better prices. And to evaluate the quality of a retail model, the standard is also determined by both cost efficiency and shopping experience. The new blockchain social retail model created by Xiaomi Tao will greatly increase the consumer user experience and meet customer demand while saving a lot of cost. By creating a safe, convenient, open and fair, consumer-investment social consumer network, a new definition of social retail is created, opening a new era of consumption.

In the near future, the blockchain will spread to the entire retail industry. Xiaomi Taohui’s vision is to seize the opportunity of the development of the times and take the lead in launching a combination of blockchain and new social retailing, and launching a new retail model of blockchain socialization. When the value Internet era really comes, then Xiaomi Tao or has seized the commanding heights of social new retail, becoming a new blockchain e-commerce giant.

Xiaomi Tao is a scene smart new retail platform based on blockchain technology and using the concept of sharing economy We are committed to providing high-quality, easy-to-use, cost-effective products to consumers around the world, and empowering them to share the benefits of the platform. Xiaomi Tao’s blockchain social new retail model!!

Xiaomitao official high welfare docking market docking people WeChat: QQ9968134. First-hand information. Under the ubiquitous market, the new Taotao blockchain new gameplay!

Xiaomitao is jointly funded by two billion-scale enterprises, Longliqi, Scene Technology Valley, and an Internet company, Bendao Group. Create a blockchain social new retail platform

What is Xiaomitao doing? Blockchain social e-commerce new retail, online platform + offline store

Xiaomi Tao What to do? Innovate traditional social e-commerce + blockchain, build consumer blockchain, apply blockchain technology to create a new retail model with digital economy

What is Xiaomitao doing? Shopping + making money

Grasp the opportunities of the development of the times, open a new era of consumption, seize the new high point of social retail, apply the open and transparent ledger of the blockchain, and build together to achieve a win-win situation!

Xiaomi Tao official website national market report center micro signal: QQ9968134

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