How do flooring companies create the ultimate experience for users?

User experience is the concept of the rise of the Internet in recent years. It is a purely subjective experience built up by users in the process of using products. User experience refers to innovative applications and aesthetic values, based on the user-oriented perspective. Due to the development of the economy, the popularity of the Internet, the user experience has become the mainstream of the market, and those manufacturers who produce products on the shelf have not been so ‘fragrant’. Here, we must first define a concept, what is a user? Users are different from customers, many companies confuse customers and users, this is very wrong.

Customers are divided into consumer customers, B2B customers, distributors, agents, internal customers, etc., a wide range, and users refer to users of a certain technology, products, services, using a certain product People. Customers and users do not include each other, but there is overlap. In the future business society, the final decision on the value of the enterprise is still the product, and the user experience determines the value of the product, so the flooring company should also focus on the user.

So what is the ultimate user experience?

First, let’s say “Wall Street Journal” in the preface to Zhou Hongyi’s “One Net: Bezos and Amazonian” An article published “Amazon’s most powerful weapon – Bezos’s paranoia”, the author of this article mentioned that he bought a $13 sports trousers on, because the pants were found too I want to retire. As a result, he received an important message from Amazon: As an important customer, he can get a refund without returning the sweatpants. In other words, after assessing the importance of the customer and assessing the cost of the return may exceed the value of the sweatpants, Amazon decided to let the customer get a pair of sweatpants.

Jiuzheng Building Materials Network Xiaobian believes that this example can make many e-commerce merchants feel ashamed, what kind of realm is Amazon’s user experience, here is evident. Analysis of this example, you can find two points, one is that Amazon understands the user’s information very thoroughly, and analyzes the user’s basic information, and second, enhances the user experience under the principle of user first, in the form of seemingly free or even loss-making Gained word of mouth and long-term benefits. I have to say that this is the ultimate user experience.

The most lacking of flooring companies today is the long-term vision and the concept of customer first. The era of making quick money is gone forever. Only the products are deeply cultivated, and the psychological and behavioral habits of users are carefully tried. Researching the user experience to the extreme will be well received among younger consumers. Perhaps the most important idea for flooring companies to change is that they only sell products, but should be modified to sell not only products, but services. As long as users are using the products, the enterprise should Be responsible for.

Release date: 2015/11/13 17:30:56

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