How about the parquet floor?

The floor is as important as any other decoration in the room, and the parquet floor becomes a popular floor type in home improvement through changing shapes and patterns. The parquet floor uses different types of wood, so the parquet floor is a relatively advanced floor decoration material. The effect of the parquet floor, Xiaobian takes you to appreciate the real effect of the mosaic floor decoration renderings.

What is the parquet floor

The parquet floor originated from the Baroque period of Europe hundreds of years ago, the palace aristocrats in the court and private houses are stitched together in the natural veneer of different colors to become magnificent The pattern is used to decorate the walls and the ground, and is a special product for the nobility and the rich. All along, the parquet floor has been restricted by factors such as production, design, paving, format, and adaptability to the environment. It is often determined that it can only be found in a certain specific environment and is difficult to be widely promoted.

In the mid-1990s, parquet flooring was introduced into China with solid wood flooring, and its complicated process led to difficulties in production, low production costs, and the inability of ordinary people to care; the style of traditional parquet flooring Limited, often limited to European style and Mediterranean style; in addition, the traditional parquet floor is also limited by the difficulty of paving, increased wear and tear, increased cost and other factors. Therefore, although the market demand has always existed, and the advantages of traditional parquet flooring in application are well known, it has not been widely accepted and popularized like tiles in tiles.

The process of parquet flooring

The foundation of parquet flooring lies in the cutting and splicing of various shapes of wood chips, so it is required that the cutting of the wood chips must be precise, and the various shapes should be in accordance with the original The drawings are stitched together. In order to achieve the excellence of chip cutting size, users in the floor parquet industry currently use laser machines (JQ1412 servo screw JQ1290 belt conveyor) for cutting wood chips. The laser machine uses the characteristics of the laser beam to meet the high precision requirements of the floor mosaic. There will also be some gaps after the wood chips are cut and spliced, so some fine wood slag filling is required. Then it needs to be processed by grinding and compression.

parquet floor renderings

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Interlaced The texture makes the ground more varied. Because the parquet is made by collage, the color of the floor is not uniform, which can form certain rhythms and changes.

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The wood-colored parquet floor, the real wood grain texture is intertwined, showing the natural color, so that the ground does not change Monotonous.

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The diagonal interlacing of the squares forms such a parquet floor. There is a geometric rhythm and rhythm in simplicity, which makes the space look good.

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