How about terrazzo floor tiles?

The terrazzo floor tile is a kind of composite floor tile with cement as the main raw material. The terrazzo floor tile has a brightness of 70 or more after the surface treatment, and the dustproof and non-slip quality reaches the marble quality. The surface hardness reaches 6-8, and the color can be arbitrarily spliced. The color can be customized, no cracking, not afraid of heavy rolling, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation, but easy to be weathered and aging, rough surface and large gap, poor dirt resistance. Flooring is an important part of the current home improvement. The application of floor tiles is very extensive and is favored by consumers. There is a type of floor tile in the floor tiles called terrazzo floor tiles. There may not be a lot of understanding of it. Next, let’s talk about how to grind floor tiles.
  How to use terrazzo floor tiles

   terrazzo floor tiles is a kind of composite floor tile with cement as the main raw material, its low cost Cost and good performance are widely used in large-area public buildings.

   In fact, terrazzo floor tiles are relatively rare in the market today. Compared with the past, the usage rate has been reduced a lot because it is manufactured on site, so the convenience is not So good, its making material is cement plus special rubber powder and various small stones, they are combined and smoothed, and finally formed by sanding the whole with a sander, although its manufacturing process is More complicated, it will be polished many times in the case of grinding alone, and it will be necessary to maintain it in a timely manner to ensure that its local finish is as high as new. In the current decoration, the general cost of artificial decoration is relatively high, so that the cost performance of the terrazzo floor tile is not very high, but it can make a large continuous area, which is a big advantage. It is also stronger than other floor tiles, no radiation, you can also use different colors of pebbles to decorate the floor tiles with different text and patterns, which can add a bright color to your home environment.

  The advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo floor tiles


  1, terrazzo floor tiles After the treatment, the brightness reaches 70 or more, and the dustproof and anti-slip achieve the quality of marble.

  2, terrazzo floor tile surface hardness of 6-8, close to the surface of high hardness granite, good wear resistance.

  3, terrazzo floor tiles can be arbitrarily spliced ​​color, color can be customized.

  4, terrazzo floor tiles are not cracked, not afraid of heavy car rolling, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation.

  5, terrazzo floor tiles are not dusty and clean.

  6, terrazzo floor tiles are non-combustible, non-flame, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion-resistant, odor-free and without any pollution.

  7, terrazzo floor tiles are bright and bright, if you need to improve the light to play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static properties).

  8, terrazzo floor tiles decorative grids are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, the connection is dense, and the overall appearance is good.

  9, terrazzo floor tile building performance and mechanical properties are the same as the high quality terrazzo floor used in various buildings, in line with the national standard GB50209-2002, in line with JC507-1993 construction terrazzo products standard requirement.


  1, easy to weather aging.

   2, the surface is rough and has large gaps, poor stain resistance, and difficult to clean after contamination.

   In general, terrazzo tiles have shortcomings, but the advantages are far more than the disadvantages. Of course, the actual use is based on their own preferences, if If you are interested, just go to the store and check out the real thing.

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