How about “smart security”?

As a small branch of the security home industry, alarm products and security services can shake such a large market capacity, can carry a large amount of research and development and operational investment, which is both the upstream manufacturers are worried, but also the downstream operating service providers need To break through.
Alarm industry’s “big data” development status and characteristics

For now, most alarm products do not have any basic functions and technical applications of artificial intelligence, often Catering to the market, creating concepts – even the technology and application of big data is not available in the current alarm industry. On the one hand, the vast number of alarm operators will not manage or use the data in the daily alarm service process (in fact, these data are basically useless information), and at the same time, too much “敝帚自珍” lacks open mind and thinking.

In general, the alarm industry, especially the networked alarm service company, has a large amount of customer data, including local customer business categories, customer information, equipment information, zone matching, and usage habits. , alarm (fault) frequency, issue characteristics, and other information data involved in various daily alarm service processes. At the same time, the alarm service platform (whether it is a network cloud platform or a local service platform) basically backs up these data regularly (according to different enterprise situations, it is generally based on the number of customers to perform daily/weekly alarm platform data/ Regular monthly backup), each alarm operator only keeps the data for this (basically the local public security/security has the backup time requirement for the relevant information involved in the case for future reference), it is completely impossible to use, it is difficult to generate value or There is no value at all.

The reason why the various data accumulated by the current alarm platform is useless information, the root cause lies in two aspects: First, whether it is the current alarm equipment manufacturer or the operator of the alarm service platform itself It does not have the ability of data mining and analysis. Second, the data collected by the current alarm service operation itself only promotes the improvement of conventional security services by operators everywhere and cannot provide value-added services to a large number of customer groups. income.

From the alarm equipment manufacturer, the hardware products provided are only based on the current product technical features and application scenarios to improve the index, and do not provide more added value, while in the software and platform. The functional design and improvement also lacks the ability and thinking of data integration and application (most manufacturers are empty talk about platform strategic thinking, lack of action and case in actual landing).

On the other hand, the alarm service operator seems to have a large amount of data (the information can be roughly divided into three categories: customer information, system information, usage information), in fact These data are basically useless and redundant. One can not add value to the user as mentioned above (the alarm operator itself does not have the service type and demand satisfaction ability to provide value-added services), and the second is the operator’s related services. Personnel (mainly technical maintenance personnel) do not have the ability and habit of using data – in most cases, the most common and largest amount of data accumulated by the alarm platform is false positive information and disarming information – the user’s cloth in any region The period of disarming is relatively fixed (the store operation itself only has the seasons of winter and summer respectively), and the disarming information can only be used as evidence of the exemption after theft; for the problem of false positives, the technical maintainer can judge without any statistical and analysis of the data. The reason for the false positive of a certain user (after all, the most familiar with the customer is the technical waiter who is disposed of on the spot every day, and even some stubborn ones that have always been unresolved. Solid problem).

From these two realities, the big dataization of the alarm service industry has basically become a pseudo-proposition, which is also the operating mode with the big data banner in the last one or two years. The root cause. However, the alarm service industry can not really achieve the big data and the use of big data ideas and tools to achieve better development? The maturity and superposition of artificial intelligence technology shows the dawn of this direction. Although the current development speed is relatively slow, in general, the future society will be a comprehensive intelligent era, and the dependence on big data and artificial intelligence technology will be more and more obvious. The traditional security alarm system will inevitably be completely eliminated, visualizing intelligent security systems and life services based on cloud services will become the theme.

Of course, no matter how technology advances the society, the alarm service industry should take security as the foundation, and do not deviate from the starting point of service, and make more and faster exploration on this basis. On the basis of doing a good job of security services, the alarm service operators will take commercial services and popular services as the direction of future development, and be fully prepared for this.
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