Household water purifier How much? How should consumers choose?

Before looking at how much money household water purifiers, we start to understand the knowledge a domestic water purifier. When we shop almost all consumers seek cheap, buy home water purifier is also true, however, household water purifier brand has numerous species of different colors from the exterior to function, functional homogeneity, but water purifier cut the price difference is quite large, as large as ten times or even several times. Some information dazzling for many consumers often can not start in the purchase of home water purifier.

how much money home water purifier? How should consumers choose a really suitable for household water purification needs of their own family is it? buy water purifiers basic principle is to get rid of the water visible contaminants, such as rust, colloidal substances, odor and smell, residual chlorine and disinfection by-products of some organic pollutants, heavy metals, etc., and can reserved mineral elements in the water. The water quality of different regions, select the appropriate purifier. If you have questions about how much money is OK household water purifiers, may wish to work together with me to understand it at!

household water purifiers Introduction

by a coarse filter, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, and a reverse osmosis membrane composed of hollow fibers, effectively remove a variety of organic substances in water, various water purifier not the same price.

the type of household water purifiers

1, PP cotton filter water purification: low price, easy to plug the replacement of the high frequency, for initial filtering water, not drinkable.

2 composite sintered activated carbon purifier: baked powder different particle sizes of activated carbon and high temperature adhesive material.

3, RO reverse osmosis water: completely removing the harmful substances in water, wastewater major disadvantages, high cost, less water production, the problem can only be used for drinking water.

4, net drink machine: effectively filter out harmful substances in water, to prevent secondary pollution.

5, ultrafiltration: effectively remove organic molecules in water, retain some beneficial minerals, trace elements and the like. Advantage is long life, water volume, low cost, suitable for domestic use. The disadvantage is of heavy metals and organic contaminants no effect.

6, the ceramic filter water purifier. Using ceramic filter insert, water volume, highest accuracy of 0.1 m, notWill produce secondary pollution, congestion is not afraid. The disadvantage is short filter life.

7, water softener: softened water quality, reduce water hardness, reduce scale. Purification afford drawback is, can not remove harmful contaminants from water.

How to choose the home water purifier

①, see the brand. Should try to buy a large water purifier brand, reputation good products, good protection in all respects.

②, see technology. Uneven quality, be sure to buy the core technology of water purification products.

③, see certificate. In accordance with national standards, manufacturers must hold “related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document” and specify wading product testing department of “test report” State.

④, see service. It depends on the brand’s service network laying, to make sure no worries.

How much household water purifiers

The types are: pre-filter, water purifier, water softeners and the like. Single generally cost water purifier 1000 to 3000. 1,000 yuan filtering effect is poor, not recommended! Full range of water purification equipment is preferably mounted. !

The greater the user’s size, the larger the population, the greater the choice of product model, the higher the standard, the more expensive price, tailored support

Note: This price is for reference! Because of different regions, of course, prices will vary. For more pricing details, please provide your local dealer shall prevail!

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