Hot tiles can also be faked? Pay attention when purchasing

Nowadays, homes will inevitably need to be renovated to help improve our living environment and make life look new, so that the home has a warm feeling. Nowadays, the life of ordinary people has gradually increased the use of floor heating by more than ten times. The hot tile is the most popular electric floor heating product in recent years. It is more than traditional floor heating in terms of heating speed and energy consumption. Advantages, but the heating tiles have certain requirements on the quality of the heating materials. However, many people are actually ignorant of hot ceramic tiles. It is often that companies that choose big brands or have strong advertising efforts can be assured. But this is not the case. Today, hot ceramic tiles can also be faked, so that consumers can not be assured. Today, I will introduce you to the three standards of hot tile selection to help you better identify the hot tiles.
   First of all, we must see that the surface of the heating tile is ordinary tile. The core technology lies in the heating material and the heat insulation layer as well as the external structure. Firstly, the heating element on the market has carbon fiber, heating cable and alloy wire. These materials consume relatively high energy. First look at whether the heating layer and the thermal insulation layer are of stable quality, and whether there is a problem of the attenuation rate.

   At present, the price of the hot ceramic tile market is usually not high or low, the higher the price is up to three or four hundred yuan, and some inferior heating ceramic tile sales price is only tens of dollars. Low-grade heating ceramic tiles are commonly used in wire and electric heating film materials with a cost of 10 yuan. There are problems of thermal attenuation, power instability, no heat generation, and high energy consumption. Since it is difficult for consumers to see the quality of the heating tile from the outside, many manufacturers use the method of adjusting the power to increase the power of the heating element, and the heating rate is faster, so that consumers mistakenly think that the heating speed is good, according to the industry. Experts introduced that the use of this inferior heating tile in the decoration, in addition to the high energy consumption, but also because of power instability, delamination, heat attenuation, weak quality and other problems caused by the heat effect is greatly reduced, seriously affecting consumers The use effect and safe use. In order to save costs, some heating tiles use very poor heating materials, which reduces the quality and affects the decoration effect and use.

  Because the heating tile contains a heat layer, it is necessary to see whether the heat layer is flat or linear, whether the power is stable, the age, etc. These are the times when we usually buy hot tiles. Need to pay attention, I hope everyone can grasp it.

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