Horizontal or vertical paving? Introduction to solid wood flooring

First, the ground requirements

First, the moisture in the cement floor should be removed, if the water in the cement floor is not removed before the floor installation, there may be a certain moisture shock wave.

Dry or not we can hardly see with the naked eye, the simple test method is: put a few pieces of plastic film on the ground, and then seal with tape around, after 12 hours, if plastic There is no moisture condensation on the film, which means the ground is dry.

Second, the solid wood floor wood floor paving process

1, solid wood floor paving direction is usually the same as the room trend, according to the sequence of paving, between the floor and the wall to be placed in the wood Block, in order to leave the shrink seam, check the flatness of the floor when pulling the wire, and then install.

2, when the last row of paving the floor, it is necessary to cut, assemble, and use the hook to make it tight.

3, closing and bridge installation. In the room, the joint between the living room, the floor is very necessary to do the partition treatment, leaving enough space to use the transition strip to connect, so the advantages of laying: can reduce the floor consumption, make the floor paving more tight, and so The effect of paving is not easy to deform, and maintenance is also very convenient.

4, the skirting board installation: the thickness of the installation skirting board should be greater than 1.2cm. At the time of installation, the gap of the expansion joint of the floor is kept within 8-10mm, and it is filled with polystyrene board or elastomer to prevent the floor from loosening.

[Introduction to the direction of solid wood flooring]

Is the solid wood floor horizontally laid vertically? Regarding the problem of the direction of the solid wood flooring, the decoration person gives the following answers:

1, find the reference point paving

to the long side of the living room for the direction of paving, if the living room floor, then other rooms are also following the direction of the living room; if the living room If you don’t lay solid wood flooring, then the long side of the restaurant will prevail; other rooms will be in the same direction; if the restaurant does not have wooden floors, then each room can be laid independently, and the long sides of each room The direction is correct and does not need to be in the same direction.

2, light source

Solid wood floor laying direction can be laid in accordance with the light source.

3, aisle

The general walkway is relatively narrow, so it should be laid along the aisle.

Special reminder: the direction of solid wood flooring is not fixed, and there is no paving principle, aesthetics and comfort is the first principle that should be pursued.

[Notes on the laying of solid wood flooring]

1, the size of the keel raft should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the use of space, the general thickness is 4 * 1.5 ~ 2cm That’s it.

2, can not use cement nails, but should be used to smash the eye with a wooden wedge, screws, etc. into the ground about 2.5cm.

3, after the keel raft is installed, it will not move left and right, so the surrounding can be fixed without cement mortar, so that the floor arching or tile-like deformation will not be caused by insufficient curing time. .

4, for home installation, foam pad and 9mm plywood are not available, there is no way to use, should use 12cm ~ 18cm plywood, and should be divided into 4 ~ 6 pieces The keel of the well type and the surface of the board should be nailed.

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