Home industry to find the right direction

At the end of the year, all kinds of inventory and summary articles flew like snowflakes. This year’s home industry has experienced prosperity and decline, and a series of changes have taken place. Let’s take a look at it.

  Real estate cycle: This is a major regulation, requiring long-term population increase and decrease, medium-cycle land supply policy, short-term financial rate Policy regulation and the emergency cycle of Sino-US strategic confrontation to look at and judge. However, in the medium and long term, the supply of new homes should be a trend of continuous downward trend, but it does not mean that there is no rising opportunity for the home furnishing industry. The market with such a large stock market will give enough nutrition and energy to the home furnishing industry for a long time.

  Hardcover Policy: The hardcover housing policy has both advantages and disadvantages. No matter which side you are in, we have no way to change this decision. This decision allows small home improvement companies and retail-oriented circulation. The overall market of the industry and the building materials retail industry has suffered from the shrinking scale of the overall market roughing house due to the continuous increase of the hardcover housing market. In the short to medium term, it is also a huge challenge for the decoration technicians scattered in the home decoration.

  home industry dilemma

  home improvement company: Since 2017, the decoration company has been closing faster and faster, and the number is increasing . The telemarketing model that the decoration company relies on to survive is not working well, and the cost of obtaining the customer by clicking on the network is becoming more and more expensive. This industry has entered the devil’s circle, the more competitive, the more people ignore the profit of the market, relying on the checkout cycle of suppliers and foremen, can live a day is a day, in fact, the last unfortunate is the consumer, supplier, decoration Workers have greatly destroyed the trust of others and themselves in this industry.

   The current state is like being in a bottle. Everyone is anxiously stepping on someone else’s shoulders to prepare to live. Unexpectedly, the more crowded, the more they go out, the more the bottle mouth The smaller, the foreseeable two to three years, the decorative company that lives by price war is entering the countdown to life.

  Home supply chain: It seems that many industry leaders and big cattle have seen the decoration company’s competitiveness is not strong, the reason for not living is that the cost is too high, starting in 2017, home supply chain companies such as It has sprung up like a mushroom, and it seems that this is a highland with new grass. If you don’t grab this high ground, you will not eat it.

   But in fact, this is a false proposition. It is directly purchased by the factory that lives on it. There is no slogan that the middleman makes the difference. You think that the goods you purchase are better than the distribution. Low business? You are just another dealer of the manufacturer, another middleman of the decoration company. Do you think that the decorative company’s product portfolio ability is weaker than you? The total price of the product portfolio they organize is lower than yours. Those building materials dealers who are in need of feeding will lose money for you as long as you are willing to give cash. Let’s talk a little bit, the same product, give you a model, give the network sales platform a model, consumers use snacks to search, you can also buy directly cheaper than you.

  Building materials agent: The building materials dealer is a heavy-duty company. Although it is the name of an individual merchant, it actually opens the warehouse, and the goods are piled up for half a year without replenishing the goods. It was completely wasted in the warehouse, and the volume was extremely huge. At this level of dealers, there are pressures on the manufacturer’s tasks and cash pressure inventory. Under the pressure of the decoration company’s checkout period becoming longer or even not paying back, there is also a group of other dealers who are equally ill with the price to compete on the price. Use a joke to sum up: What about your money? Compressed goods! What about your goods? sold! What about your money? Compressed goods.

  Renovation workers: Another neglected group is rarely mentioned, this is more than 10 million renovation workers in this industry. On the one hand, instead of following the foreman and the decoration company, the work of independent independence is not enough to support themselves, followed by the work, the account period is getting longer and longer, the bad debts are getting more and more, there is no contract, and the delay can not afford. Moreover, due to the rise of hardcover houses, the renovation workers who use retail investors as their business source can receive less and less work and have to rely on the foreman and decoration company. If the source of livelihood of such a large group cannot be effectively resolved, let it deteriorate, it will inevitably form a new unstable factor in society.

  How to break through

  We still have to find a way out of trends and policies. Looking at the global dimension, China’s 30-year megatrend is that China’s manufacturing is the first 10 years from 2015 to 2025, completing the ranks of industrial powers to the world’s industrial powers; the second from 2025 to 2035 In 10 years, it has reached the level of the middle of the industrial powers; from the third decade of 2035 to 2045, it has reached the leading position of the world’s industrial power.

   At first glance, the 9 major areas and 5 major projects in the 2025 plan seem to have nothing to do with the decoration industry, mainly on the information interconnection and factory supply side. In fact, the real estate economy will no longer be a key source of income for the country, at least beginning to try.

   From my judgment, the impact of the first 10-year plan on the home industry has three major trends, and the production end of the product began to upgrade intelligently, upgrade new retail methods in the circulation field, Manual industrial service and upgraded after-sales capabilities. Then the actual group predictions are as follows:

  Designer: The personal economy of the individual studio will be more and more individual and will be flexible. Changeable, free,The way of personality provides services to consumers, and it is even possible to directly participate in the innovation and customization of personalized products at the factory.

   Decoration company: Small decoration company, leather bag decoration company will inevitably close down, but at the same time, because of the reduction of harassment competition, it will promote the representative of Eiyi Yisheng. The unique ability of the decoration company to develop steadily and grow at a constant rate, such a company will serve the upper middle class of the customer group, the pursuit of profit will become the normal and important mode of operation.

  Agents: This group, the number of stores will be reduced to a certain proportion, will take part in the new retail features, collaborative big data analysis operations, a large reduction in inventory, improve cargo turnover Efficiency, and will replace the construction capacity and design capacity of the decoration company below the middle class of the middle class, and form a comprehensive service integrating sales, design and construction with the foreman or worker. Customers will directly enjoy the direct price of the product and the cost of construction.

  Renovation workers: The worker-sponsored platform represented by Shenong 007 will enter the fast lane, grow rapidly, and form a platform to effectively solve the huge livelihood of workers and serve as a new retail network. The home goods seller and the offline agent side provide a platform for workers’ resources, which will provide effective solutions in the information asymmetry of the stock room, and will have sufficient capacity guarantee in the after-sales service. It can be foreseen that if it is correct The model will grow into a billion-dollar company in three to five years. And this type of company grows to a certain scale, it must be the state’s key support for the people’s livelihood.

  Customized decoration: The customized company will combine the manual industrial end from the production end of the product, combining the two aspects to provide the products and services for the small apartment, the renovation of the hardcover room and the unique needs of a large number of stock houses. The advantage is F2C. It is bound to be a surprise in the home industry.

  Standardized decoration company: The standard decoration company with upstream product combination ability can be upgraded to two types of companies due to various factors, one is toward the custom combination, one The species went to the fine assembly of the real estate.


  The company that is in the wrong direction or who does not see the future trend, no matter how hard it works, will eventually fail. Perhaps we only have to live first, and it is the way to survive when there is a pattern to change. If you don’t see the waters of the ship, you will continue to thrive, and you will sink into the sea because of lack of physical strength.

   I hope that in 2019, the home industry practitioners will find the true direction and hope for the future. More hope that companies that are destined to go not far can break their arms and survive in time. Don’t go on the wrong road. If you have to go on, please don’t pull back.

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