hardware products of machine vision have gradually

The development of machine vision inspection systems manufacturers has not been a single application. The software and hardware products of machine vision have gradually become an integral part of all stages of manufacturing, which puts higher requirements on the integration of the system. Industrial automation companies require integrated industrial automation systems that work with test or control systems rather than stand-alone vision applications. In the modern automated production process, machine vision systems are widely used in the field of condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control.

With the global manufacturing center shifting to China, the Chinese machine vision market is becoming an important target market for international machine vision manufacturers after North America, Europe and Japan. At present, the Asia-Pacific region including China and Japan accounts for more than 20% of the global total, surpassing Europe and ranking second in the world.

The trend of machine vision

Machine vision can be said to be the lowest level of infrastructure for artificial intelligence. In the application fields of the artificial intelligence industry, the application fields of machine vision are very deep and very numerous. From the perspective of the entire industry chain, China’s artificial intelligence industry is in a period of rapid ecological construction.

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