Guge Dynasty Debut at the 2018 Asian Conditioning Foods Conference to empower the brand!

On July 10th, the 2nd Asian Conditioning Foods Conference, jointly sponsored by the magazine “Agriculture and Markets” magazine “Sugar, Tobacco and Wine Weekly” magazine, was grandly opened at Qingdao International Expo Center. In the three-day industry exchange meeting, the industrial business community gathered together to create a multi-value of the Asian food ingredients industry discussion, trend analysis, business opportunity interpretation, new product release, channel investment, industry evaluation, etc., to regulate the upstream and downstream of the food supply chain. The company builds a professional and efficient exchange and mutual assistance platform, a communication promotion platform, and a procurement collaboration platform. As we all know, today’s food industry is in the early stage of development, and it is a vague state for brands and channels. It needs more professional people to gather together to collide with the future development. Therefore, the Guge Dynasty team, which is known as the special product branding expert, was also invited to participate in the sharing and discussion of the meeting.

At 10 am on July 10, Zou Yong, co-founder of Guge Dynasty, brought the team to Asian ingredients. Condition the meeting. The grand opening ceremony made the atmosphere very lively. Thousands of new products and special products of hundreds of enterprises in the exhibition area are waiting for the installation, attracting many dealers to stop inquiries, and the scene is popular! Zou Yong also during the tour with Northwestern Natural Nutrition Food Co., Ltd., Meizhou Dongpo, Xiong Jian and other responsible persons had a pleasant conversation. As a special guest, Zou Yong also made a round of awards to the top 100 companies in the exhibition.

At 7:30 pm Beijing time, Gu Ge Dynasty Zou Yong held a unique sharing session at the Huize Hall of the Grand Mercure Nanshan Resort in Qingdao. The theme was “Brand Empowerment & mdash;— Gu Ge Dynasty Category Innovation Case Sharing the night. In this sharing session, Zou Yong cited the success stories of the Guge Dynasty in terms of category innovation in recent years, including the squid brand rapeseed oil, Zhang Fei beef, Bairuiyuan Museum, and Mr. Taking the market as the direction of thinking, planning the origin, understanding the needs of consumers, separating competitors’ brands, and collecting their own resources, these four dimensions explain to many food manufacturers and enterprise representatives how to solve market problems in a new way of thinking. Let the brand look new.

At the entire sharing session, the heads of corporate leaders in various food industries responded enthusiastically, around the special product brand and the present. In the food industry market, everyone also raised their doubts about Zou Yong’s problems that his company could not solve, and Zou Yong answered them in a sincere manner and kept sharing the dry goods of various industries. The collision of thoughts of many professionals made this sharing night of the Guge Dynasty extraordinarily meaningful.

In addition to sharing the case, the presenter Zou Yong also expressed his high praise for this Asian food conditioning conference: “This is I have participated in a small scale for more than ten years, but it is the most professional sharing exhibition. In the small town of Jimo, Qingdao, the semi-closed communication method, with exhibitions, meetings, banquets, salons and other comprehensive forms, allows manufacturers, enterprises, and distributors to learn and share more time.

It is undeniable that in today’s increasingly deepening market economy, brands are especially important for the survival and development of enterprises. Brand strategy has become a magic weapon for many well-known companies to be invincible in the market competition. Especially in the specialty industries that have developed rapidly in recent years, branding is undoubtedly one of the core issues of establishing corporate image and enhancing corporate competitiveness. Today’s specialty industry has also moved toward the stage of “brand war”. Zou Yong’s explanation shows that more insiders and outsiders have learned that “brand is the core of enterprise development”. We also believe that the professionalism and concentration of the Guge Dynasty in the field of specialty foods can lead the domestic food industry to make another leap!

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