Greek opposition party New Democracy Party wins parliamentary election

July 7, in Athens, Greece New Democratic Party headquarters, New Democratic Party leader Kyriakos & Sdot; Mizotakis addressed the media. Xinhua News Agency (Lefteris & Sdot; Photo by Pat Salis)

Xinhua News Agency, Athens, July 7 (Reporter Li Xiaopeng, Yu Shuai Shuai) Greece held a parliamentary election on the 7th. According to the statistics of the 90% vote of the Greek Ministry of the Interior on the evening of the 7th, the main opposition party, the New Democracy Party, won the election.

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras announced on the evening that he had admitted that the radical left-wing coalition led by him had failed in the election.

The statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior on 90% of the votes show that the New Democracy Party has a vote rate of approximately 39.8% and the Radical Left Alliance is approximately 31.6%. The New Democracy Party will win more than half of the 300 seats in the parliament, and its leader Mizotakis will become the new Prime Minister of Greece.

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