German wooden house

“Tree House” Also called “O2 Sustainable Chalet” is a kind of environmentally friendly building. The tree cabins in the backyards of western countries are almost the rest of the children nearby, while the tree house below Located near Wolfsburg, Germany, it is no longer a “private home” for children, but a dedicated gathering place for reconnaissance groups.

The tree house is laid out around a strong pine tree, and it’s a place to gather and eat in nature. And sleeping places. The building consists of two almost identical blocks, both with a height difference of nearly one meter. The lower building is furnished with a bedroom for 8 people, while the higher building is mainly a gathering area and dining area, including the necessary henry equipment, dining table and road. The building is mainly composed of wood, beams and diagonal bracing structures and is further reinforced with steel cables.
It is similar to the ordinary room in terms of its structure, and it is more concealed in the tree. It is a perfect place for the reconnaissance group.

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