German power condensing wall-hung boiler to create a new way of comfortable living in winter

With the continuous upgrading of household consumption in China, the concept of household heating has also gained widespread popularity, and the progress of the heating market has never been slack. In the past ten years, the wall-hung boiler products have been iterated several times in a row. The direction of the environmental protection policy has made the first-class energy-efficient condensing wall-hung boiler the first choice for more and more consumers. With high thermal efficiency, saving gas consumption, saving money and durability. Advantages such as strong adaptability, and the condensing wall-hung boiler has become the mainstream of the heating market.

The German power condensing wall-hung boiler uses latent heat recovery technology, with a thermal efficiency of up to 108%, which saves nearly 20% of operating costs compared to ordinary fireplaces. The use of full premixed combustion technology to achieve 5-star nitrogen oxide emissions, green and environmentally friendly. In addition, the power condensing wall-hung boiler also has a number of patented energy-saving technologies, which will help more users to achieve a new upgrade of the home heating experience.

In the context of consumption upgrades, more and more families are not only starting to deploy heating equipment, but also paying more attention to the greenness of heating, which is seen by more and more Chinese families. Life with temperature is only the beginning, and the quality of temperature is the real pursuit.

As a European expert in heating for a hundred years, Germany Weineng has continued to innovate and innovate in a new dimension with its ultimate craftsmanship and good reputation, and actively cooperate with various industries in need, especially It is a real estate industry closely related to heating. With the concept of “lifestyle upgrade”, new changes are quietly taking place, and through the investment of human settlements, high value-added products are brought to the owners.

Nowadays, consumers are gradually waking up to the needs of living and living. The hardware alone can not constitute the core competitiveness of the product. Compared with the traditional wall-hung boiler heating, the low-carbon brought by the heating system of the condensing wall-hung boiler The green, comfortable lifestyle is clearly more popular with high-end consumers.

Low-carbon environmental protection has always been the life philosophy advocated by Wei Neng. Wei Neng has won numerous domestic and international awards for its outstanding contributions in the field of energy conservation. Many consumers and partners value German power, which not only includes Wei Energy’s leading energy-saving technology from Germany, but also the perception of the new demand for lifestyle upgrades. At present, with the layout of the first- and second-tier markets becoming more and more perfect, the active layout of the third- and fourth-line markets has become a warm direction. We are willing to share the advanced heating experience and the “Live Living Vision” with more people of insight. farther.

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