Future development forecast of smart home industry

Future development forecast for smart home industry:

  1, control protocol from dark war
   Zigbee protocol, low-power networking Bluetooth Mesh protocols, domestic smart home users and manufacturers are familiar with, with the commercialization of 5G networks, and low-power narrowband protocols such as Lora and NB-IoT gradually enter the domestic application market, enterprises Also started to introduce related new products, the actual effect still needs to pass the time and project quantity test, which undoubtedly brings a new round of impact on the smart home equipment control and program management. If the manufacturers develop fast and comprehensive stability in the connection control The technical application will be a powerful weapon for the penetration of the smart home market.
  2, smart single products to promote sales
   from the scale of shipment of smart single products announced by various manufacturers, each year is growing, online like to buy smart products The number of users has also gradually increased. It is particularly noteworthy that the proportion of young users has increased significantly. They are sensitive to the design and price of products. As the life trend of the new Internet of Things era, the experience is the value, in terms of single products, Companies need to launch new products that meet the needs of young users as an entry point for gaining word of mouth and trust.
  3, smart audio and video gradually become newer
   living room as the center of family interaction, is also the most frequently used life scene for users, with the user’s demand for living standards, smart TV Electronic devices such as high-definition projectors, smart speakers, and home theaters are gradually entering the home. Due to the trend of screens extending from smartphones, users’ aesthetics gradually tend to become “thinner and bigger” full-screen development, and with the large price margin in the audio-visual field, more audio-visual manufacturers will launch intelligent new products in the future. Smart home system to create an integrated high-end living experience.
  Intelligent pension model exploration
  The domestic pension problem is becoming more and more serious. In view of national conditions and humanized needs, the smart pension industry, in addition to the old-age institutions and medical institutions, has begun to go to the home for the elderly. Explore and strive to create a more diversified and more realistic old-age model. In different life scenarios, the level of connectivity between smart device systems and organizations has become one of the strength standards for verifying smart pensioners. More needs to be explored is the pension profitability and distribution business model. I believe that in the future, more solutions will be introduced to balance operating costs and profit distribution, and promote smart pensions.
  Overview of the current state of the smart home market, the user’s needs level from initial security, handling to comfort, personalized AI services, smart home advancement The path is based on the needs of the user. Although the overall development is not as expected, there are also industrial problems such as insufficient user cognition, unconformity of industry standards, high prices, and complicated operation experience. However, everyone is still facing a thriving market and future megatrends.
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