“Full House Custom Wood Furniture” Group Standard

With the increasing demand for personalization, “full house custom furniture” is increasingly favored by consumers. However, how much do you know about the whole house customization? The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee issued a report on the whole house custom consumption, with missing standards, chaotic pricing, non-standard materials, and chaotic costs. In this regard, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee said that the “house-wide custom wood (made) furniture” Shanghai group standards were implemented on March 15 this year.

Confusing wood-based panels and solid wood

This review collected 29 Consumers, involving 13 brands, custom furniture contract amounts from 11,500 yuan to 128,000 yuan. Due to the lack of relevant standards in the new format, there is no standard in custom design, production and installation of the whole house. The 29 product contracts that are inspected are not clearly defined.

There is no standard, and the material identification is of course not standardized. Of the 20 material identification surveys conducted by 20 of them, only 4 were clearly indicated on the contract or the order, 15 were not specified for the use of wood, the name and location of the wood-based panels, and 1 nominal material and The measured materials are inconsistent.

Using this “vulnerability”, some companies even confused the wood-based panels and solid wood, and played the edge ball. In a custom furniture product quotation, the material column is marked as “SKL British White Oak”, which makes people mistakenly think it is solid wood. The enterprise says “SKL” means solid wood particle board, while “English white oak” means The color of the wood-based panel. In addition, some companies will use the name of solid wood such as “ash wood” and “ash ash wood” to describe the color and color of the product in the quotation, which is extremely misleading.

Up to 23% cost deviation

Another more serious problem is the pricing method and cost settlement. According to the survey, when the contract is contracted, the company will quote the price according to the four different pricing methods such as the expanded area, projected area, per-piece price, and extended meter price. Among the physical examinations, 13 were charged according to the expanded area, 8 were charged by piece, 5 were charged by projected area, 2 were mixed by 2 ways, and 1 was not explicitly billed.

The physical examination also found that the measured area and length of some custom furniture were deviated from the data on the quotation and contract. The deviation rate of the 19 sample areas ranged from 0.08% to 23%, and the deviation rate of the two samples exceeded 20%. Among them, a custom partition cabinet product, the total area of ​​the quotation is 16.64 square meters, while the artificial measurement area is only 12.77 square meters, the deviation is 23%. Some “狡猾” companies repeatedly calculate the area. The glass area of ​​a glass door of a custom furniture sample contains a frame. When the company counts the price, it is obviously unreasonable to calculate the glass area first and then calculate the sheet surface.

Some custom-made furniture also has thickness deviation of the countertop, and the hardware brand, quantity and list do not match. For example, the order indicates that the plate thickness is 25 mm, the measured 18 mm, the hinges on the list are 16 and only 13 are found on site.

In addition, consumers report that there is a lack of effective communication and uniform standards between the process of “full house customization”, which leads to differences between the original design and the finished product installation, and these defects are often discovered during the installation phase. For example, when the finished product is installed, it cannot be attached to the ceiling, and it cannot meet the requirements of “customization”.

Group Standards 3.15 Implementation

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that the “full house customization” industry involves many enterprises, large market demand, and price. High, but this kind of furniture is quite different from traditional furniture. The current standard can no longer meet consumer demand, and the formulation and introduction of standards should be accelerated.

In order to solve the problem of “customization of the whole house”, uncertainties, unclear rules, and opaque information, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee has joined the Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association, and Shanghai Furniture. Industry associations, Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association and 47 companies jointly formulated the Shanghai Group Standard for Whole House Custom Wood (System) Furniture, which will be implemented on March 15 this year.

In addition, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee reminded consumers that when signing a contract, they should agree with the merchants on the materials, styles, design requirements, etc. of the furniture, and write them in a written contract to protect their legitimate rights and interests. During the settlement process, the enterprise shall specify the pricing method adopted by the product in the contract or order, and explain and explain to the consumer. For the measurement value, area and hardware usage that may affect the final price, it shall be accurately and clearly indicated. inform.


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