From the perspective of the whole machine vision

From the perspective of the whole machine vision, it is in a fast reconfiguration period. From the perspective of market analysis, machine vision is not a particularly new field, which has been derived from the earliest image processing to the present. There are many big manufacturers on the market who have done a lot of smart security and traffic.Deeply ploughing, they started not to do machine vision and face recognition. In these industries, many manufacturers are in the same stage of rapid development.

The first is that the giants are doing machine vision, including the evolution of artificial intelligence. They are all open. In China, for example, Huawei, open source ideas for them, how to use open source, Many concepts still have a certain gap with foreign countries. Many open source code is used to package its own use. In fact, from the perspective of the whole idea, the concept of foreign open source is more advanced. Of course, there are reasons behind it. Many companies are basically on the path of open source deployment when submitting artificial intelligence code. The evolution direction of the entire industry is currently in a period of rapid return. The evolution of the entire industry and product technology will have cyclical fluctuations. The machine vision field and computer vision are still in a fast payback period. That is to say, its technology has matured and the market attention is rapidly rising. It is the future. Key products and areas that can be quickly rewarded.

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