Floor heating enters the southern market, and geothermal floor sales continue to grow

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Floor heating The market is moving southward, and there are more and more users installing floor heating equipment in the south. At present, the installation rate of floor heating in the newly added houses in the south is 28%, and among them, the installation of solid wood floor heating is the most popular. The rise of geothermal flooring has made geothermal flooring a great opportunity to become a bright spot in the cold market floor market, so all major flooring companies are rushing to compete for the geothermal market.

Floor heating enters the southern market, and the usage rate continues to grow

Most of the northern regions of China are very cold in winter, and most of the cities implement collective heating, but with the emergence of floor heating Many new residential buildings have been widely used in floor heating systems. This kind of heating method has a good warming effect, and it is more energy-saving and energy-saving than air-conditioning heating, which directly leads to a huge consumer market for floor heating.

There is no collective heating facility south of the Yangtze River. The wet and cold in winter is even more unbearable. The cost of heating air conditioners for homes is the same. For southerners who cannot accept dry air, there is also a lack of comfort. This problem has been effectively solved. With the continuous improvement of living standards, some families have begun to install floor heating equipment. With the southward shift of the floor heating market, the number of users who use the floor heating method to warm up in the south has gradually increased.

Air conditioning heating is convenient and quick, but the heat it radiates is emitted in the air. The floor heating uses the whole ground as the radiator. Through the heat medium in the radiation layer of the floor, the whole ground is evenly heated. By using the law of the ground’s own heat storage and heat radiation, the ground is evenly provided to the room, which is consistent with the temperature. The characteristics of the human body’s physiological needs of the cool top.

According to the survey of China’s floor heating industry market, the installation rate of floor heating in the newly added housing in the South is 28%, which is the data after the compound growth for two consecutive years. In the past two years, the annual growth rate of the floor heating market has exceeded 30%, and the number of brands has grown from more than 70 to more than 200. The development of the floor heating market, which is synchronized with the building materials and decoration market, is surprisingly fast.

Solid wood geothermal flooring is more popular

China’s national standards stipulate that the moisture content of wood flooring is 8%-13%, but the water content requirements are different in different regions. In China, the moisture content of the floor in the northern region is about 12%, and the moisture content of the floor in the southern region should also be controlled within 14%. Therefore, the moisture content control of the floor in different areas also has different differences.

Pure solid wood geothermal floor is made of whole piece of wood. It has no internal layering and no adhesive. Therefore, it can be polished after the surface is worn out (quality products are generally used for more than 10 years). Repeat 2-3 times). The solid wood layer is thin because the surface of the hardwood surface is very thin, and it will wear away after scraping. If the surface wear layer is worn, the decorative paper will be exposed and there is no possibility of renovation.

The reason why some floor heating users give up the solid wood floor is that it is high in price and not worthwhile, but in fact this is a misunderstanding, because the life of solid wood floor heating floor can last for more than 50 years, so the unit area In terms of annual price, the annual use price of solid wood floor heating is only 62% of solid wood flooring, almost the same as laminate flooring.

Consumers are paying more and more attention to the health and environmental protection of the home environment. Driven by this consumer concept, the geothermal floor has attracted more and more consumers’ favor and has become a hot spot for consumption. However, what consumers are most worried about is that the geothermal floor on the market is limited to the disadvantages of their own structure and the safety problems that may arise when the technology is immature. The environmental protection problem is worrying consumers.

Geothermal floor sales have increased significantly

According to professionals, due to abnormal climate change, the winter in the south has also become extremely cold, and people’s living standards have gradually increased, resulting in a significant increase in the geothermal floor market. In recent days, the major building materials market has inquired more about the number of consumers of geothermal floor, and the sales of geothermal floor has increased significantly. Many flooring companies have shown their own geothermal products.

A large amount of advertising investment has brought returns to many geothermal flooring companies. With the popularity of floor heating systems, the demand for geothermal flooring has increased, and the sales of geothermal flooring has also increased significantly. In 2016, the total sales volume of wooden flooring of flooring enterprises with a certain scale in China was about 39.68 million m2. In the future, under the adjustment of consumption structure, geothermal floor will continue to maintain steady growth.

According to the incomplete statistics of the China National Forest Products Industry Association Floor Professional Committee, the total sales volume of wooden flooring of a certain size of flooring enterprises in China in 2016 was about 39.68 million m2, an increase of about 4.38%. Among them: laminate flooring is about 210.5 million m2, up 2.18% year-on-year; solid wood composite flooring is about 104.5 million m2, up 9.42% year-on-year; solid wood flooring is about 43.9 million m2, up 10.03% year-on-year; bamboo flooring is about 3400 square meters, down 3.13% year-on-year; The other floors were about 3.9 million m2, a year-on-year increase of 6.85%.

This year, the annual sales of geothermal flooring has more than doubled. Behind the sales growth, there are also several problems. First, the cost of raw materials, paints and other materials has increased, and production costs have increased. Second, the geothermal floor product certification cycle time has been greatly extended. Third, the probability of returning and recalling without passing the formaldehyde limit standard increases.

In this case, the floor business said that the solid wood flooring began to develop in the direction of the two poles, or to take the high-end route, such as teak flooring, chicken wing wood flooring, etc.; Routes, such as making disc beans and other wood. The middle price of the floor, such as 200-300 yuan / square meter of mid-end solid wood flooring competitiveness continues to decline.

Flooring business said that high-end materials, buyers have a strong economic base, low-end routes,For consumers who are pursuing environmental protection but have weaker economic capabilities, the mid-end route, together with the cost of installation, is twice as expensive as other types of flooring, and the quality advantage is not obvious, so the competitiveness is gradually weakened.

The rapid rise of geothermal flooring has changed some consumers’ perceptions of traditional flooring. The geothermal floor where comfort and practicality coexist has been highly regarded and loved. The major flooring companies are also gearing up and screaming for the geothermal market.

Flooring businesses said that geothermal flooring has a good chance to become a bright spot in the cold market. Other flooring market: The home improvement market continues to be in a state of desertedness, and the floor transaction volume is generally insufficient. Currently, the sales of the laminate flooring, which is the most obvious in price advantage, is the best.

In the future, with the acceleration of China’s urbanization construction and the increase in real estate destocking, the demand for wood flooring market will be unprecedentedly released, and the second and third-line markets that are still not saturated are undoubtedly new developments. Focus.

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