Floor category and price range introduction

The first category: solid wood flooring

   it is also known as the log floor, which is usually natural wood. It is formed by drying and processing. It has the advantages of environmental protection, warm winter and cool summer, strong insulation, good touch and elasticity, but on the other hand it is not wear-resistant, the gloss is easy to lose, and it is not suitable for humidity change. Strong premises, generally more suitable for laying solid wood flooring is the bedroom, living room and study. The price range is generally between 150 and 400 yuan.

Second category: laminate flooring

   It is also called impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, mainly consisting of four layers, namely wear layer, decorative layer, High-density substrate layer, balanced (moisture-proof) layer. It has a variety of patterns, anti-fouling and acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, mildew resistance and insects, but its foot feel is worse than solid wood flooring, not easy to repair, but also release a certain degree of formaldehyde, usually compared Suitable places for laying are ordinary houses and public places. Its price ranges from 90 to 200 yuan.

The third category: solid wood composite flooring

   it is cut into a variety of monolithic pieces by high-quality solid wood, then dehydrated and pressed and pressed at high temperature There are three layers and two layers. Such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance and insects, sound insulation and strong insulation are his advantages, but it also has the disadvantage that once the quality of the glue is not good, it is easy to produce degumming, and The surface is quite thin, and the maintenance must be done very well. It is generally suitable for laying in the bedroom, living room and study. Its price is almost 100 to 300 yuan.

The fourth category: bamboo flooring

   It is formed by splicing bamboo boards together with an adhesive and then forming at high temperature and high pressure. It has the advantages of strong decoration, small color difference, environmental protection and all seasons, but it is easily deformed due to climate change. It is generally suitable for laying in ordinary houses, hotels and office buildings. The price in the market is generally around 100 to 400 yuan.

Category 5: Cork flooring

   It is a floor made of cork products made from the bark of oak. In general, its elasticity and anti-slip properties are relatively strong, and it is insulated and can also isolate noise. However, because its price is relatively expensive in the market, there are not many people who buy it. Its price range is between 200 and 700 yuan.
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