Fingerprint lock price, how to buy fingerprint lock

   When people buy fingerprint locks, they basically consider the function, appearance and price. They rarely notice that the lock cylinder of the fingerprint lock is not available. The decisive factor of neglect. Then, how to choose the lock core of high-end smart lock anti-theft fingerprint lock, the following is introduced by Xiaobian.

  1, look at the material-*Select nickel alloy or stainless steel material to make the key and lock the lock cylinder
  The lock core is based on precision to improve the anti-theft performance. The precision of the lock core requires good materials to ensure . Imported lock cylinders, some high-standard lock cores in China (such as multicolored lock cylinders, etc.) are made of nickel alloy materials (known as white copper in China, containing 10% nickel and more than 2% manganese. Materials below this ratio can’t do well) The lock core.) The key embryo and the lock nail, because the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of this material are small, the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is small, and the shrinkage of the lock pin is not shortened because of the cold and hot weather. It becomes smaller, expands bigger and longer, affects the anti-theft performance of the lock core and the stability of the product. The key embryo will be more wear-resistant. If the key is easy to wear, the anti-theft performance of the lock core will be greatly reduced.

  2, see structure-*select the lock core of the hybrid structure
   The structure of the lock is an important indicator of the anti-theft performance of the lock core. The technical limits of a single lock cylinder structure are difficult to cope with the challenges of unlocking technology. The marble bead lock has a great advantage in the anti-vandal opening, but the power that can be exerted in the face of advanced technology is limited.

  Resolve the anti-theft problem of the lock cylinder (anti-technical opening, anti-destruction opening, anti-structural defect opening) A hybrid structure is required to accomplish this, which can solve the defects of a single structure. Such as: the combination of marbles and sheets, the combination of sheets and rotating beads. The multi-colored lock core adopts: finger-holding structure + mother-child double-bead structure + splicing structure, and the rationality of the multi-colored lock core structure is one of the few products in the hybrid structure products appearing on the market. The anti-theft capability of this combination is relatively high, and the effects of anti-technical opening, explosion-proof opening, and special tool opening are quite good.

  The hybrid structure and the single structure can be seen from the key at a glance, and no experience is needed here.

  3, see precision – processing accuracy is the guarantee of anti-theft lock performance, no precision structure is better structure There is no anti-theft ability to talk about.
  The accuracy of a good lock cylinder is quite strict. Under normal circumstances, the lock nails and accessories need standard finishing. carry out. Accuracy requirements are within the error: plus or minus 0.015MM; the error of the space between the lock core and the lock cylinder is also within 0.015MM. If this requirement is not met, the anti-theft performance will be greatly reduced. Imagine: Under such precise conditions: can the tin foil plug in and unlock? Can you still need lead powder?! Of course, if the key is not accurate enough, the lock can’t be opened, so sometimes we can see from the key. The precision of the lock cylinder.

   On the other hand, I want to tell you that the precision of the lock nails that are punched out cannot reach the standard, and the lock core The anti-theft performance must be problematic.

  Test method: To verify the accuracy of a lock, you can also slowly insert the key into it. The keys are shaken up and down, and slowly pulled out. If it is inserted or pulled out, it has a feeling of elastic obstruction. The shaking feeling is not too big, and the accuracy of the lock cylinder is high. It is a good lock cylinder, but it must not be a good lock cylinder.

  4, see anti-drilling bolts – lock core anti-drilling piece anti-drill bolt is anti-theft lock anti-destruction open An important line of defense.
  In view of the characteristics of the material of the lock cylinder core copper, if the protection measures are not taken, the drill bit is drilled. The lock cylinder is immediately drilled through, and it is opened. The anti-drill block of the lock cylinder is very wrong. Implanting the anti-drill bolt and the drill-proof piece made of manganese steel at the key position of the front end of the lock cylinder can effectively prevent the lock cylinder from being drilled. Any anti-theft lock cylinder that does not make anti-drilling bolts is unsatisfactory, and it is not qualified to talk about the B-class super B-class lock cylinder.

  5, see key protection measures – key with key cardFailure to do any protection is extremely irresponsible for the safety of the user.
  The development of modern science and technology, take a photo as you like. It is very dangerous to put the lock core and the key card casually. The thief can take a key, a key card and configure the same key at any time.

  6, see the lock core structure and description – the lock core structure is not disclosed sometimes there is a structural defect.
  Understanding how the technical structure of the anti-theft lock core, processing precision, materials and other materials are very important to consumers, The obligation tells the user truthfully, what is the technical data of your product’s structure, precision, materials, etc., because he is concerned with the safety of the user’s family and needs to be responsible for the notification. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers have video and plane data to introduce the structure and working principle of the lock cylinder. Products that are not publicly available sometimes have security vulnerabilities that are not convincing. This must be noted.

   Choosing a good lock core is a very simple thing, but it comes to many consumers. But it has become very difficult. The problem is that some merchants and some people deliberately make things complicated, and people can’t understand them. For some smart locks, there is a consumption stage of their watches. Consumers still need to open their eyes. Clearly, a good smart lock, it is very important to have a good lock cylinder.

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