EU President calls Ukrainian President French and German Foreign Minister will go to Kiev

China News Service, Brussels, February 19 (Reporter Shen Chen) European Commission President Barroso urgently called Ukrainian President Yanukovych on February 19, calling for an immediate cessation of violence and a strong condemnation of using force to resolve politics crisis. He disclosed on the phone that the EU foreign minister will hold an ad hoc meeting on February 20th to discuss countermeasures against the political crisis in Ukraine and the implementation of sanctions against relevant responsible parties.

According to a report by Radio France International, according to the latest casualty statistics, 26 people were killed in violence on February 18 in Kiev. French Foreign Minister Fabius and German and Polish foreign ministers will go to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, on the morning of February 20, and after the trip to Kiev, they will rush to Brussels, Belgium, to attend the meeting of the EU foreign ministers.

Barroso expressed his shock and disappointment at the violence against Kiev in the Ukrainian capital during his conversation with Yanukovych. He pointed out that the Ukrainian government has an obligation to stop violence and respect basic human rights and freedoms.

Barroso said that if the situation in Ukraine deteriorates further, the EU will respond strongly. The EU is ready to help resolve this crisis.

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Vice-Chairman of the European Commission, Catherine · A spokesman for Ashton issued a statement on the same day, hoping that the parties to the political crisis in Ukraine will immediately stop the violence and resume real political negotiations. The EU will maintain close ties with the Ukrainian parties and the international community on this matter.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on the same day that the violence in Kiev, Ukraine, is responsible for extremists, opposition leaders and some Western politicians.

The media analysis here pointed out that behind the political crisis in Ukraine is actually the two major forces of Russia and the EU in the “wrestling”. On November 21 last year, after the Ukrainian government decided to suspend the signing of the country of contact with the EU, a large number of supporters in Europe came to the streets to protest. Tensions in Ukraine have intensified. Protesters in the capital, Kiev, have been besieging the presidential palace, the government and the parliament, occupying the Kiev city government building, leaving the state organs in a state of paralysis.

On February 18th, thousands of demonstrations in the Ukrainian capital Kiev held a demonstration called “Peace Marching”, requiring the parliament to resume the 2004 Constitution. The demonstrators fought fiercely with the riot police and the internal security forces who maintained order, and the conflict continued until the early hours of the next morning. According to the latest figures released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the conflict has killed 26 people and injured 388 people, including military police, journalists, parliamentarians and minors. This is the most serious conflict since the turmoil in Uganda last November.

Yanukovych signed an order on February 19th to announce February 20th as the national mourning day for Ukraine to mourn the victims of the riots. All government agencies and state-owned enterprises in Ukraine will mourn the lower half of the flag. On the same day, Ukraine cancelled all entertainment and sports activities, and radio and television stations adjusted the program accordingly.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on February 19 that he hopes that the relevant parties in Ukraine will focus on national interests and national interests, eliminate differences through consultation and dialogue, and restore normal social order as soon as possible. The international community should play a constructive role in this regard. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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