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[Guide]   “The way out for Chinese home appliances is from sweat manufacturing to smart manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.”

  2019 China Home Appliance Development Summit Forum was held on March 14th at the Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel in Shanghai. As an observer of the home appliance industry, Qin Yi, the former chief editor of the first financial and financial and economic and economic observers, shared his insights at the venue. At the same time, there were senior executives of home appliance companies. Sony China Chairman Gao Qiaoyang and Haier Group President Liang Haishan also shared their views on the development of the industry.

  2019 China Appliance Development Summit Forum Qin Yu Speech

   Qin has a lasting and deep observation of China’s economic development and has unique insights into the development of China’s manufacturing industry; he is good at understanding this era and country with a unique perspective and entry point. .

   He said at the venue that after decades of development, China’s home appliance industry has produced several giants, but it is not the overall situation of oligopoly. In the era of rapid technological change, “No one should feel that he is the overlord, leader, and can not be shaken.”

  a big question mark

   After Qin Shi was 60, the generation of media people he represented began to do business in China in the late 1980s and early 1990s. China’s home appliance industry was the guide and enlightener of Chinese business. At that time, Qin Lan was in Guangzhou. Because Guangdong is a very important province for home appliance production in China, he has the opportunity to report on China’s refrigerator wars, as well as very many cases of water heaters, washing machines and color TVs.

   On March 14, he spent a morning visiting the venue of AWE2019 (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show). He feels that if China’s home appliance industry used to play the role of enlightener and pioneer in China’s commodity economy and market economy, today it is the leader and leader of the three aspects of good life, high quality development and innovation drive. .

   For the on-site observation of AWE, Qin Hao corrected a cognition. In recent years, ordinary people tend to think that home appliance companies are not as “sexy” as the Internet, AI and other industries. It seems to be a very traditional industry. “Today, the home appliance industry is not a concept of a traditional industry, but a basic consumption that is closely related to everyone’s life, such a basic business of basic consumption. And it is not only basic consumption, but also full of endless life. Change and innovation have undergone profound changes in our vision and thinking, and their connotations and extensions have been constantly changing.”

   This AWE event shows the appearance of China’s home appliance industry. Qin Hao feels that there are six distinct characteristics.

  AWE2019 Haier Pavilion

&emsp First of all, whether it is the United States or Haier, or TCL, Samsung, Hisense, such a relatively large home appliance group, is also a frequent visitor to the North American Consumer Electronics Show CES. This time, there are two companies in AWE that have separate venues with an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters. Do they have so many things to present? “In fact, after we went in, we found that there are so many things that need to be The space is presented. Which in turn explains what the problem is? Explain that our understanding of the products of home appliance companies is not a very simple product in the past, nor is it a concept of home life in the whole category, but also In the continuous expansion, Qin said: “In my past experience at CES, it is very likely that more products including wearable, healthy and security will be included in the overall living hardware in the future. This is the first direct impression of me.”

 &emsp AWE2019 Beautiful pavilion

   The second impression is the life of intelligent things. In the past year, artificial intelligence, lifestyle-driven and leading the trend of intelligence and interconnection have often been mentioned. Qin Lan thought of the process of interviewing from the 1990s. From the early independent functional products to 2000, the earliest changes in marketing and communication, to the current intelligent supply chain, have been fully intelligent, and such Intelligence is also closely related to lifestyle. Some of the companies on the scene, including TCL, and Hisense’s color TV, show the first scene to consumers, not the traditional color TV, but may be a picture similar to the home, but with the characteristics of the TV behind it. .

   Again, the application and technology are flying together. Chinese companies seem to be more prominent in application, and many innovations at the application level have taken a lot of effort and effort. At the same time, in some core technologies, core key components and parts, especially the products such as OLED and 8K that are seen today, foreign-funded enterprises are still ahead in technology and materials.

   AWE2019 8K TV shines

   The fourth aspect, Qin Hao called a comprehensive change. Today, a static, path-dependent enterprise The days may be more difficult. In terms of product changes, quite a few manufacturers have made many bold breakthroughs. For example, the central range hood of Boss Electric Appliances represents a lot of disruptiveness, and it is an innovative product that solves many problems in society. In terms of channel change, companies should be closer to consumers, closer, and closer.

   There are many leading companies in the air-conditioning field, giving people a more impression that the channel is very powerful. However, channels may also become a burden of accumulating channel inventory, social inventory, and hindering closer communication between consumers and consumers. Past success may also be a factor in future setbacks and even failures.

  The fourth is internationalization. Many brands are international brands, but under the umbrella of Chinese companies. Relying on the Chinese market and the ability of Chinese companies to reactivate international brands in China, this may be a very important party. Although in the home appliance brand, the Chinese brand is very very strong, this is not the same as the general fast-moving consumer goods. Home appliance brands, Chinese companies in the consumer perception, no worse than foreign brands. But the brand’s Behind it is culture, which can’t be done overnight. Qin Wei believes that many foreign brands, even interesting brands, can be transplanted to China and rely on the powerful capabilities of Chinese companies to activate them. What is particularly eye-catching is Haier. In recent years, Haier has advocated that ecological income exceeds product income. Now there are many innovations, whether it can be achieved or not.

 &emsp The fifth impression that Qin Hao got was the customization of precise segmentation. Because of the younger consumers, their personalized and layered features are more obvious, so the brands in the future market segments will have more A lot of emerged. AWE also has some products that make people feel bright, such as washing machines and dryers hanging on the wall, very small, not occupying so many places.

  The last feeling is the initial heart and strong foundation. Recently, the country has a strong industrial base, which means that no matter how many innovations and cross-border, the essence of the home appliance industry is still a creation, or a manufacturing, or There must be a product.

   “Since it is necessary to return to the manufacturing product, the quality of the product, the quality of the product, and the satisfaction of the consumer are crucial.” In the past few years, many Internet powers have played an increasingly important role in the industry, including Tmall Elf, Xiaomi, etc. But according to his observation, after such power enters the industry, if it is just a simple foundry method It may be a hit, but it may not be truly in the industry, and it has a deep product base. In this case, can product quality be sustainable? In the next three or five years, how is the consumer used? This is deep in the industry. Compared with the accumulated enterprises, Qin Hao said through observation that “it is necessary to make a big question mark”. He hopes that these emerging forces will not talk about subverting the industry first, and must learn from this industry first. The depth of the home appliance industry is not as simple as the marketing of WeChat Weibo. In this respect, Japan and Germany have very long-term specialized companies that can give Chinese companies a lot of reference.

  Inheritance of Destiny

  AWE2019 Huawei booth

  If Chinese companies are capable of technological innovation and technology in addition to the powerful capabilities of hardware innovation As exploration progresses to the next level, there will be more world-class Chinese companies in the industry. In all kinds of global rankings, Chinese companies can truly be called world-class companies, and world-class brands are still few. Chinese companies need to fly in two wings and both wings must be hard. In this way, world-class Chinese companies are not just dreams.

   Qin Hao proposed a concept: the entire home appliance industry is experiencing the trend of ICT.

  I is intelligent, and the second letter C refers to communication. This communication is related to life and to future consumers. A certain meaning can also define this C as culture. In China, after the 80s, 90s, and 00s, these three generations, a total of 550 million people, are the indigenous people of the Internet and need to communicate with them through their culture. This C may be the most crucial factor in determining the fate of all vendors. The last T is technology. Many people say that Chinese companies are lacking in core. Some people say that this is not the responsibility of Chinese companies. We have no money in the past and have not accumulated, so there seems to be a good reason not to challenge the most difficult and highest standards.

   Qin has been observing the industry since the 1990s. He feels that if historically, many Chinese companies actually earned a lot of money during prime time. Sichuan Changhong in the 1990s earned billions of profits a year, which was the leader of the bull market in the entire capital market in 1997. Therefore, it is not that Chinese companies have not made so much money, not that there is no economic strength and capital to do things that are related to the long-term destiny of enterprises, but that many Chinese companies have diversified after making money.

   Huawei has always insisted on doing research and development, doing independent innovation, and finally from running, to running and leading, becoming the world’s leading company, and its investment in technologyInto the determination is inseparable. Many Chinese companies do a good job in some of the local applications, such as kitchen appliances. “Today’s Chinese companies, can we have far-reaching ambitions in this respect. This class in science and technology innovation is ultimately inseparable.”

   I feel that the importance of change has seen many and many cases, refreshing some of his previous views on the industry. In the past, he felt that the big picture of the home appliance industry had already been fixed. There were several giants and oligopoly in the big category. However, after a new observation, he believes that no one should feel that he is a hegemon, leader, and cannot be shaken.

  Who is a smart life center

   There is no doubt that Chinese companies still have gaps in the originality of technology. This has led to a large scale of business, but the profit margin of the real main business is not high. For example, the lifespan of the core components of the enterprise, such as the problem of the lack of core and the screen, which are often said, are the gaps. Chinese companies are subject to these weak links, the added value is very low, and the industry growth rate is also slowing down. Due to the increase in factor costs, operational uncertainty is also increasing.

  2019 China Appliance Development Summit Forum p>

   Qin Hao proposed that the way out for Chinese home appliances is “transformation from sweat manufacturing to smart manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing”.

  The development of China’s home appliances now has two foundations, one is the traditional understanding of cost, efficiency, process parameters, quality, etc., and the other is the ability to digitize and network. This year, Qin Lan also visited the Consumer Electronics Show in North America. He observed the intelligence of the factory, the growth of networking equipment, the expansion of the Internet of Things, the intelligent Internet of Things, and the connection between artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. It is a very important trend. .

   He believes that the biggest problem with the Internet of Things is that the current standard is unknown. Regardless of Google or Samsung, every big manufacturer is producing a standard, but the industry’s unified standards are not clear.

   The center of the future home system, is it a mobile phone, a smart speaker, a robot, or an AI TV? Samsung and LG all promote their TV to become the center of the smart living system. However, Qin Lan believes that this remains to be seen. In February of this year, he just went to MWC. If you use one word to measure MWC, it is all about Zhilian, and it is also highly correlated with 5G capabilities. If 4G changes life, then 5G is a change in society, and there will be great innovations in many aspects.

   Qin Yu believes that the future is a combination of materialism and materialism, and between things and wisdom, “not intelligent, no life.” According to IDC’s research, all hardware intelligence, with the ability to sense, interact and control, will become a generalized robot and become a node for decentralized scene connections.

   The old world is being dissolved, and the new world has been unveiled. AWE has a slogan that redefines itself. Qin Lan believes that China’s home appliance industry has a very new era of beautiful imagination and creativity, and is coming to us. “Hope and dreams are on our shoulders. What we need to ask is one sentence: Do we have shoulders?”


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