Elite famous enterprises to visit and crack the mystery of the “new service” fission of Qianqian

Don’t have too many paragraphs about Qianqian.

For example, the founder Zeng Zhaoxia was determined by Qian Qian’s 2013 “fast & middot; super-running strategy table, the way is actually to lead the team in the middle of the night to manage the bald head; to do a “thousands of thousands of lead-running activities, by Porsche sports car to open the road, lengthen the Hummer team, Mercedes-Benz BMW bottom, costing a million yuan to entertain only 20 franchisees; not according to common sense, thousands of thousands of people gathered a group of individual arrogant cattle, only from everyone’s “flowers Name can be a glimpse of the truth: crazy total, Wenjun division, one lamp, Pan dare, Zhang Sanfeng, wild child, bad boy, overlord flower, golden abacus, God of wealth, Yu Lala, Zheng Energy, Li Wei, PK Emperor …… 17 high-level airborne 17 executives, all from foreign companies or listed companies, Zeng Zhaoxia called it: waterfall organization structure, let each executive start from a point, break the departmental boundaries, multi-sector, multi-department Functions work together.

Recently, Qianqian has been advertising in CCTV 2 sets, 3 sets and 7 sets for several months, becoming the first CCTV brand in the fast styling industry. It is also said that the former boss used hundreds of millions of funds to purchase the Qianqian Fashion Industry Building, providing all kinds of VIP consumers, dealers and employees to the “variable level leisure service ……

a service The pioneer of the new category of the industry, how can a company still on the road dare to make such a big move?

The answer one is that the positioning of Qian Qian is “the pioneer of global fast styling,” said Zeng Zhaoxia. Be a reliable person, do something unreliable; the idea is to be whimsical, and the game must be opened to the ground. This alternative founder advocates “supernormal thinking, super-conventional input, transcending competing products, and publicly admitting that Qianqian wants to enemies and be a bad boy in the industry! But it emphasizes “we adhere to business ethics and ethics, and The mainstream values ​​of society, our enemy, refer to various innovations and subvert the industry. Zeng Zhaoxia described this to Qianqian: Qianqian is not simply selling hair accessories, cosmetics, and make-up. Qian Qian is selling it to customers through experiential marketing, using a one-time, long-term free make-up service. Product, beautiful, happy!

Answer 2, let the data speak —— this is a little bit from top to bottom; the non-mainstream team supports the performance of Qianqian: as of the first half of 2013, Compared with the same year last year, the operating income has increased several times, and 1,183 new franchise stores have been signed. Small shop less than ten square meters, single store monthly sales champion hundreds of thousands of yuan, single sales over 50,000 yuan … …

The answer raises new questions: what supports the thousand thousand all the way Running wild, but can maintain balance without falling, and even continue to accelerate?

December 9, 2017 On the day, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine will join hands with the business media group to jointly “crack &ls”; new service & rsquo; fission mystery elite business visits. SMEs will enter the Qianqian, feel the sharing of Qianqian’s constant acceleration, fast running, and continue to bring more surprise stories to entrepreneurs and service industries.

The heart has sails and the sea has no boundaries. In 2017, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao Liquor and Business Media Group has spurred “elite assembly numbers” in dozens of cities across the country to build an interconnected platform for entrepreneurs to truly serve the elite and enhance their combat capabilities. Broaden cognitive boundaries to make business easier and business easier.

At present, I have visited many famous enterprises such as Luzhou Laojiao, Sany Heavy Industry, Four Seasons Mu Ge, I miss you Zaoye, Tongcheng Tourism, Hongxing Meikailong and Dongpeng Ceramics. Next, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao Alcohol Yingming Enterprise Visiting Activity will also enter more cities to witness the growth and glory of famous enterprises.

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