Denmark’s Friedrichshafen New Town School is leading the way

The Friedrichshafen New Town School in Denmark is a large school built to Danish standards. It has 1,200 teams of grades 1 to 9 and a team of special attention. All school classrooms have a star-shaped facade that passes directly through the light and fresh air. At the same time, the star shape gives the best background and has the advantage of natural ventilation and convenient access to the playground. The school has two floors, one for the upper grades and the other for the younger children.

A roof terrace was placed at the top of the school, built according to Danish building codes. The 750-square-meter solar panel is the source of energy for the new district school in Friedrichshafen. The central square of the school, as we call the heart, is naturally placed at the very center. This is the intersection of all areas. The space for learning at each level is connected by a large sculpture staircase.

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