David Floor participates in the China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance 2017-2018 Work Conference

On the afternoon of March 12, 2018, China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance 2017 Annual Work Summary and 2018 The annual work plan meeting was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. The conference mainly focused on the work report and work plan for 2017-2018, the report on the financial revenue and expenditure of the alliance, the knowledge of timber knowledge, and the opinions and suggestions of the enterprises of all alliances. All representatives of the solid wood alliance enterprises attended the meeting and acted as The executive chairman of the alliance, David Wei, chairman of David Floor, and Chen Lexin, marketing director, attended the conference.

Chinese solid wood flooring alliance company representative photo

David Floor Chairman Jiang Wei attended the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, the alliance enterprises first mourned the death of Mr. Yu Xueli and Mr. Pang Qiulong. Mr. Yan Jianbin, Chairman of the China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance, delivered a speech. The Secretary-General of the Alliance, Tan Hongwei, then spoke on the work and achievements of the Alliance in the past year and made plans for the work of the Alliance in 2018.

?? Chairman of China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance, Mr. Yan Jianbin delivered a speech

Foresight 2018, the Alliance will organize the theme of “Green Solid Wood Flooring – Beautiful Home, Beautiful China” in Shanghai Flooring During the exhibition, the company will showcase the spirit of the alliance; prepare for the third anniversary of the alliance, further strengthen the cohesiveness of the alliance, and build the alliance culture; fully mobilize and organize the 2018 World Floor Industry and Commerce Summit in Nanxun to strengthen the Chinese wood flooring industry and international counterparts. Communication and cooperation will bring the influence of the conference to the international market, let more Chinese flooring go to the world, and also highlight the influence of the solid wood flooring alliance in the industry.

China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance Secretary-General Tan Hongwei’s work report

In 2018, the Alliance will continue to hold “Everyone to speak” to help the company grow up and complete a practical alliance management Layer training; September 1, the national standard “Technical requirements for solid wood floor heating for floor heating” will be implemented, the alliance will do a good job of standard publicity and training, and organize industry experts and alliance enterprises to complete the “solid wood floor blanks” The development of group standards to promote the development of the industry through standardization.

Mr. Li Kaifu, Professor of South China Agricultural University, explains relevant knowledge

At the meeting, Mr. Chen Long, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance, informed the financial balance of the 2017 annual alliance. Subsequently, Mr. Li Kaifu, a special guest of the South China Agricultural University, explained the status of wood knowledge and timber resources for the alliance companies. All alliance companies issued opinions and suggestions on the work carried out by the alliance.The voting method was used to sort out the relevant work items of the alliance. The meeting was completed after the conclusion of the speech by the Vice Chairman of the Alliance, Mr. Zhang Enzhen.

Mr. Zhang Enzhen, Vice Chairman of China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance, concluding his speech

China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance 2017 – 2018 Annual Work Conference

China Solid Wood Flooring Alliance is a corporate alliance initiated by solid wood flooring leading enterprises. It was established in 2014 and follows the principle of “taking national standards as the yardstick and industry standards as the basis” to standardize the solid wood flooring industry. Order, safeguarding the core interests of the industry and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers have played an important role.


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