Cypress resident wins hotdog contest

Cypress resident Charles G. Bill Jr. sure knows how to eat his hotdogs. If you don't first succeed, try and try again. That's what Bill has done when it comes to eating hotdogs during an eating contest. Bill recently participated in the Wienerschnitzel Jurupa (Valley) Grand Opening hotdog eating contest and came out the winner. It was his third try at this. The other times Bill came up on the short end of the stick. Not this time, though. Bill managed to gobble up six hotdogs faster than his 26 opponents in the single setting eating contest on Aug. 23. Bill stated that he was able to beat the competition because of his timing.“I beat 26 competitors by eating 6 hot dogs the fastest,” Bill said.This wasn’t Charles first go around at an eating contest. He’s been part of many with a variety of delicious foods to choose from.“I have been part other eating contests for hot dogs, sushi, tamales, pies, bratwurst, spaghetti, sliders, burritos, tacos, and meatballs,” Bill said.Bill's strategy going into a contest is to lay low on the food for about a day to prepare for the eating onslaught."I do not eat 24 hour before, except beverages," Bill said. "I'm always hungry before the contest!"Winning the contest was sort of a fulfillment for Bill after not winning the other two contests he entered in before."I have attempted two hot dog eating contests at Wienerschnitzel before, and have come in second place," Bill Said."I finally won the contest in Jurpura Valley."

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