Custom furniture hides the consumer trap, here is the secret for you

Nowadays, after 8090, it has gradually become a mainstream consumer group, and furniture customization is popular because it meets the characteristics of young people’s advocating personality. However, behind the popularity of custom furniture, consumers are increasingly complaining about this. Then, what kind of consumer traps are hidden in custom furniture, revealing for you.
Consumers: Quality problems with custom furniture

   Recently, Mr. Zhang, a consumer who lives in Guangzhou, broke the news to reporters that he had a piece of furniture in Tianhe District two months ago. The store has customized seven sets of furniture such as clothes and desks. Unexpectedly, the customized bedside tables and the wall are not attached, and they cannot be installed at all; the wardrobe boards have problems such as bursting, scratching and cracking. “I thought that custom furniture can make home decoration more distinctive. Who knows that the product does not fit the wall, it can’t be installed at all. What is even more annoying is that it can’t be returned.” Previously, Mr. Zhang did not sign a written contract with the store. Custom furniture has been fully paid before the start of construction, and some of the amount cannot be refunded. Mr. Zhang has to secretly complain. It turned out that the experience like Mr. Zhang is not uncommon. The reporter found on the Internet that many consumers have complained about the poor quality of customized furniture, but it is impossible to return. Customized furniture must be fully paid before production. After the quality problem occurs, it cannot be returned. Does the hard-won overlord clause really exist? What are the consumer traps in custom furniture? Let’s learn from reporters.

Visit: There are four major consumer traps in custom furniture

   I. Only repaired the unspoken rules of the industry

    For the quality of the custom furniture proposed by Mr. Zhang, but the problem of returning the goods, the reporter recently visited Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza, the home furnishing store and the Red Star Macalline Home Plaza. As a buyer, the reporter came to a whole house custom store in Zhengjia Plaza. Before and after, he consulted the sales staff about the customization of the cabinet and the customization of the wardrobe. The salesperson of the store told the reporter that all the custom furniture such as cabinets and wardrobes could not be returned. Unless there are major quality issues. At the same time, the sales staff told reporters that although it is not possible to return, but the custom furniture is package repair, such as custom wardrobe, hardware accessories can be repaired for free for 6 years, the free maintenance of the cabinet is generally 1 to 3 years. Subsequently, the reporter visited a brand of wardrobe customization in the home store, “If the quality of the wardrobe is not good, the size is wrong, can you return it?” The salesperson replied, “Sorry, this can not be returned, but can provide the whole Wardrobe two years of maintenance.” Similarly, the salesperson of a whole log custom home store in Red Star Macalline Square said that custom furniture can not be returned, because custom furniture is often unable to be resold after returning due to the unique size, style and material.

  Customized furniture can only be repaired and not become the unspoken rules of the industry. “There is no second sale after returning” has become a powerful excuse for merchants to return. However, this is not the case. Nowadays, many custom furniture companies have gradually achieved standardized production. The main components of many products, such as drawers, laminates, cabinet panels, etc., are often set to a relatively uniform size, so-called customization. It is more likely to be installed in a modular combination under a certain framework. According to industry insiders, as long as they do not enter the drilling installation stage, consumer returns will not cause a large cost loss to the merchant.

   Second, pay the full amount before the order

   The reporter visited a whole log custom home store in the Red Star Macalline Square and found that The original custom furniture will have to pay part of the deposit before the staff’s door-to-door size. After the design is out, the manufacturer will pay the full amount before production. “Be sure to pay the full amount before ordering, and the finished product can’t be returned after it is finished. The consumer can bear a lot of risks.” “Quality and materials are guaranteed. The size is also generated by the computer system. When you can Look at the 3D renderings,” the salesperson said. Consumers who have had experience in furniture purchase know that when buying furniture, under normal circumstances, some deposits are prepaid after the order is placed, and the balance is paid after the furniture is delivered. Of course, the specific payment situation is generally agreed by the buyer and the seller. Previously, some media reported that it was necessary to pay the full amount of furniture for the unified home. After the payment, the consumer could not see the furniture for half a year. For the purchase of furniture to pay the full amount, the author believes that there is a certain risk.

   However, custom-made furniture requires consumers to pay for the full set before the design is completed and the custom furniture is started. Some merchants may even launch a special offer like “paying a full 20% off”. When the whole payment is made, the consumer is very passive. It is understood that at present, the general process of custom furniture has 8 steps, the two sides communicate – the design of selected custom products – the designer on-site measurement – determine the design (material, size, color, etc.) – place the order and pay the full amount – manufacturers produce – Merchant delivery and installation – buyer acceptance. In this regard, the industry believes that because the return of custom-made furniture will affect the second sale, it is reasonable to pay the full amount before production. As a result, consumers are clearly in a weak position. Therefore, when signing a custom furniture agreement, consumers must refine the material, color, size, specifications, and unit price of the product into written text. According to the rights.

   Third, the propaganda blur exceeds the budget

   The reporter visited and found that when introducing the custom furniture, the salesperson often only explained the furniture to the consumer. The price of the main material does not indicate the price of the furniture fittings. A salesperson of a solid wood custom closet told reporters that if you order a 6 square meter solid wood wardrobe, according to the price of 4,000 yuan per square meter, a whole wardrobe is about 25,000. The reporter immediately asked, “How do you calculate the shelves, shelves, door handles, etc. in the closet?”This is an honest statement. “The amount, plus all the accessories, may cost 30,000 yuan. If you need more shelves, it may exceed 3,000 yuan.” As a result, the salesperson said at the beginning. The value of the solid wood wardrobe is 25,000. In fact, it needs at least 30,000 to exceed the budget of 5000. For such fuzzy propaganda, if the consumer does not ask for the question, the price will be calculated based on the material usage, and the finished product will definitely exceed the budget.

   Fourth, the pricing model is chaotic without a unified standard

   The reporter found that the pricing method of custom-made furniture is more complicated by visiting several large stores. There is no uniform standard. Some merchants use the plate to expand the area calculation method, some merchants use the projected area calculation method, and some calculate by the meter. But no matter which calculation method is very complicated, consumers are easily fooled by the business. A salesperson of a custom furniture store in Zhengjia Plaza said that the cabinets are priced according to the finished product area, and the wardrobes are priced according to the expanded area. Different products have different pricing methods. Red Star Macalline’s solid wood custom closet sales staff said that the wardrobe customization will first give the consumer a budget according to the projected area, and the actual charge will be calculated according to the expanded area. As a result, consumers are confused.

   China does not currently have relevant standards for custom furniture pricing, and some illegal businesses will use the complexity of computing methods to deceive consumers. Therefore, consumers must not care.
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