Curtains and feng shui say that the right choice can improve the owner’s fortune

The window is a passage for communication between the room and the outside world, and the curtain is the key to opening and closing this passage. Curtains not only can block light, dust, protect privacy, but also have a good decorative effect on the living room. In addition, from the wind and water also affect the owner’s fortune, then how to choose curtain color feng shui can help To enhance the master’s fortune?
    First, the curtain color feng shui attention

  1, select the color and material that match the owner’s numerology, assist the fortune

   At the beginning of the decoration, it is necessary to combine the master’s numerology to choose the color and material of the curtain, which can help the owner’s feelings, health, wealth, career and other aspects. For example, if the owner numers the wood, you can choose green, wooden curtains; if the owner numers the earth, choose the yellow curtain of the yellow and earthy colors.

  2, avoiding the iconic pattern on the curtains

   Some young people choose some trendy or alternative patterns according to their own personality. It is very suitable for your own taste, but it is not good in the wind and water. For example, common cockroaches, weird dolls, and some ferocious animals, etc., try not to avoid using these patterns, so as not to adversely affect the owner. Especially the rooms for the elderly and children.

  3, the main bedroom curtains are less used in pink tones

   pink tones are female colors, generally used for romantic women, installed in the bedroom Pink-toned curtains add some dreamy or romantic touch to the room. In Feng Shui, pink has the meaning of peach blossom, which is easy to trigger a third party, thus affecting the marital relationship.

   4, the fabric of the curtain should not be too thick

   the curtain fabric is too thick, it will make the family members feel uncomfortable Produce life pressure, and this will also affect the health of the entire family members. Such thick curtains are decorated in the bedroom. The owner’s eyelids are heavy and often cause sleepiness. There is no day, no work, efficiency will be reduced, and the source of income will be reduced. tension. Therefore, it is not suitable for the bedroom to choose too thick curtains, and Master Zhide recommends that the bedroom curtains should have a blackout layer.

   5, the curtain style of the small space is best and more concise

   the curtains of the small space should be more simple and simple. In order to avoid making the space more narrow because of the complexity of the curtains, the large space is the opposite, suitable for the more atmospheric, generous, exquisite, style of curtains. In this way, the decoration of the space is not too rudimentary. The overall effect will make people look comfortable.

   Second, curtain color feng shui purchase taboo

  1, do not use too much red or black to make the main color in the house, Because too red or too dark will make people do things impulsively.

  2, the color of the curtain should be coordinated with the wall and the ceiling. In Feng Shui, the ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the ground, and the wall represents the person. The color of the wall should be between the ceiling and the floor, that is, deeper than the ceiling and shallower than the floor, so that the heavens, the earth and the people can be harmonious.
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