Crafts contributed £3.4 billion to the UK economy

The craftsmanship contributed 3.4 billion pounds of economy, according to research, this is the first measurement of the impact of thousands of small crafts companies in the UK economy. This is far more than we think. This is a powerful proof of the economic impact of process technology.
This sparked strong opposition from the process sector and sparked an impact on how best to measure the crafts of the economy. The World Handicraft Council estimates that around 23,000 “micro-enterprises” in the craft industry, mostly by small businesses that operate alone, they are below the threshold that can measure their economic impact.

The report shows that most of the cash craftsmanship generated by the craftsmen, who are active in the high-tech industry, Such as science and engineering. The British creative industry is a veritable country. This report highlights the key role-playing craftsmanship in this extraordinary success story and shows a wide variety of careers through which technology is driving significant growth in the creative industries. This research is for us, for the first time, evidence of the contribution of craft skills to the British economy.

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